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LOOK: Keep Oregon Well with Of Monsters And Men in the Skype Live Studio (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Logan Lynn with Of Monsters And Men in Portland Sheila Hamilton Kink FM Skype Live Studio

We have been really lucky to have so many great artists perform for our “Keep Oregon Well” concert series so far this year, all in an effort to raise awareness about mental health and fight stigma through rock and roll — and this week was no exception!

Icelandic supergroup Of Monsters And Men played a secret #KeepOregonWell show at the Kink FM Skype Live Studio while in town for the Portland stop on their tour and it was really special. You could have heard a pin drop in there!

Thanks, OMAM. We adore you!

Watch Instagram video from the performance here: Read the rest of this entry »

LOOK: Keep Oregon Well with Flo Rida, Dillon Francis, Tori Kelly, Kalin and Myles, and Katy Tiz! (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Keep Oregon Well show with Live 955 and Flo Rida in Portland (2015)

As you already know, all summer long this year, I am partnering with bands and musicians from all over the world to raise awareness about mental and behavioral health and fight stigma right here at home through our “Keep Oregon Well” series of concerts and public advocacy events with Trillium!

This week we were thrilled to partner with pop superstar Flo Rida, international EDM phenomenon Dillon Francis, singer-songwriter Tori Kelly, young adult faves Kalin and Myles, and Katy Tiz from the UK for our #KeepOregonWell show with Live 95.5 at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Over 3,000 people attended the show, and our advocacy street team gave out tons of prizes and signed up hundreds of people for the Pledge to fight stigma. It was incredible.

Special thanks to Flo Rida in particular, for his support of our campaign efforts and for letting us hang out backstage with him before the show and be part of this special night — and a huge shout-out to our “Keep Oregon Well” street team, who braved the 103 degree heat, all in an effort to fight stigma through music!

Trillium with Flo Rida

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LOOK: Keep Oregon Well with Alpha Rev at the Skype Live Studio (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Alpha Rev LIVE at Skype Live Studio with Logan Lynn Sheila Hamilton Kink Radio (2015)

This week, as part of our ongoing “Keep Oregon Well” music series at the Skype Live Studio, we were joined by Austin band Alpha Rev. Mental and behavioral health awareness hits close to home for Alpha Rev’s frontman and stigma-fighter extraordinaire, Casey McPherson.

Kink radio’s Sheila Hamilton and I talked with Casey backstage before the show about his own family’s story — losing his father and brother to suicide — and how he takes care of himself amidst the general wildness of touring band life.

Watch that video here:

Thank you to Casey and to Alpha Rev for lending their talents to our awareness-raising, stigma-fighting efforts! I dig your music and your care for the communities we serve at Trillium. It’s beautiful stuff.

Watch video from Alpha Rev LIVE at the Skype Live Studio below:

Check out photos from the show here: Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn, Trillium, Bleachers & Ally Coalition Team Up To Keep Oregon Well This Summer on Tour with Charli XCX!

Bleachers Trillium Charli XCX Ally Coalition Logan Lynn

I’m excited to announce that I am partnering with Bleachers, their fans, Trillium Family Services and The Ally Coalition on this summer’s “Charli XCX and Jack Do America” tour to support local organizations on every tour date.

So cool, right?!

Click HERE to learn more.

Watch the video for Bleachers’ hit song “I Wanna Get Better”:

Watch the video for Charli XCX’s hit song “Boom Clap”:

LOOK: Logan Lynn and Walk Off The Earth at Kink on the Waterfront Music Festival (PHOTOS)

Logan Lynn and Walk Off The Earth in Portland (2015)

I had such a great time this weekend in Portland introducing Walk Off The Earth with Sheila Hamilton at Kink on the Waterfront!

Big thanks to the band for their support of our “Keep Oregon Well” campaign to fight stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health. It was really fun to have the crowd of over 4,000 people cheering for mental health awareness. So cool.

Check out this rad photo of me on stage with Sheila and James and the #MentalHealthMatters sign:
Logan Lynn on Stage at Kink on the Waterfront (2015)


Listen to the on-air wrap-up of the event with Sheila and James from this morning here:

WATCH: Amazing Fan Video for Logan Lynn’s “Break Me Down” (VIDEO)

Logan Lynn and Gino Mari at The Country Club Studios (2015)

I have always been lucky to have tons of talented, awesome people out there who listen to my music. This is not lost on me for a second…and I especially love it when those people do cool things with my songs in return.

This video for “Break Me Down” was made by an artist named Dandy Jon and I dig it!

Watch it here:

Also, check out the artwork from the video below:




























  • Logan: Thank you Julia. I sincerely hope so, too.
  • Julia: Thank you for writing this. It was very moving and brave. I am sorry you lost a mentor and friend and I too...
  • Logan: Thanks Anthony! I promise to come to your neck of the woods when my record comes out next year, dear. xx
  • Anthony Bowen: Hey Logan! I love everything you do! Keep it up! P.s. Come to Phoenix??
  • Ritchie: Last year was mind blowing. This year’s lineup looks just as good if not better. Just got our tickets.
  • Jaime Keller: Congratulations on the mainstream discovering you. Bout time!
  • Jackie: Best cover ever.
  • kira: beautiful
  • George V.: Hooray you are playing NYC!
  • Logan: Thanks Flava Flav. ha ha ha