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Logan Lynn’s New Record “ADIEU” Reviewed in September Issue of Blurt Magazine


Thanks to Blurt Magazine for reviewing my new record ADIEU. in this month’s issue. 4 stars!!! πŸ™‚

From Blurt Magazine: (September 2016)

Logan Lynn - Adieu - Front Cover - Artwork by Ian OphelanLogan Lynn: ADIEU.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The Upshot: Thanks to smart lyrics, a strong mix of synths and sharp guitars and a knack for mixing in some truly inventive elements, Lynn moves well past what could have easily just been standard catchy pop songs.


The last time Logan Lynn put new music out into the world it was a charming Miley Cyrus cover about three years ago. His latest album, Adieu, is aligned much closer to classic β€˜90s college rock – everyone from Liz Phair to the Dandy Warhols – than to ex-Disney stars turned Molly-diggin’ pop divas, though played through a classic theatrical rock filter.

As Lynn described the sound recently, β€œthere are moments on this record that feel really jaunty and bratty and as we were recording them I tried to keep this mental image of myself with a dancing cane, clicking my heels in the rain and moving through these very serious themes with a spring in my step, front and center. The whole thing is very jazz hands mental health crisis, frankly.”

So, yeah, pretty apt.

At 15 tracks, Lynn manages to Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn Release Week Homoground Social Media Takeover – Happening Now!


Hey folks! To celebrate the release of my new record ADIEU this Friday, the kids over at Homoground handed over the keys to their social media for the week.

Follow Homoground on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to follow our press tour adventures. We’re flying to the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Friday morning, so…things are about to get juicy!



Logan Lynn - Adieu - Front Cover - Artwork by Ian Ophelan







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