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Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Conquistador, Darling Gunsel and Rica Shay On Tour Next Month – Get Tickets, V.I.P. Tickets and V.I.P. Passes Here Now!

Logan Lynn Live at Crystal Ballroom in Portland Oregon

Tickets for the July 2013 Accidental Bear Queer Music Summer Tour Benefit For LGBTQ Mental Health Services & Suicide Prevention with Logan LynnBig DipperConquistadorDarling Gunsel, and Rica Shay are on sale now.  The tour is presented by AccidentalBear.com and will be hitting up San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and New York City this first round, with more cities in the works for later this year and early next.

100% of the proceeds from the A.B. Queer Music Tour go to Ali Forney Center (NYC)Pride Foundation (Seattle)Q Center (PDX)LA Gay & Lesbian Center, and Stonewall Project (SF), so there are offering a few ticket levels in an effort to raise the most money possible for these vital community resources.  The mission of this tour is to bring awareness and visibility to LGBTQ music while working to diminish the stigma around mental health and raise money for suicide prevention efforts in each of the communities where the tour is taking place.

Help us live out the mission of Ali Forney Center, Pride Foundation, Q Center, LA Gay & Lesbian Center, and Stonewall Project by purchasing your ticket to the Queer Music Summer Tour today and come have a great time for a great cause this July!


Tour Dates, Cities and Tickets:

7/5 – Beatbox, San Francisco, CA – Tickets:  http://bit.ly/15h9592

7/7 – Los Globos, Los Angeles, CA – Tickets: http://ticketf.ly/12kzPbS

7/11 – Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR – Tickets: http://bit.ly/11DxBPg

7/14 – Chop Suey, Seattle, WA – Tickets:  http://bit.ly/18r0hgP

7/19 – Webster Hall, New York City, NY – Tickets:  http://tktwb.tw/YfzqmD


Here’s the ticket pricing info for all 5 shows:

$15 – G.A. (General Admission)
$45 – G.A.+ (General Admission + Tour T-Shirt + Invited to meet and greet w/ bands at VIP reception)
$75 – V.I.P (General Admission Ticket + Tour T-Shirt + Invited to meet and greet w/ bands at pre-show VIP reception + Photo with bands)


Watch videos by all the bands playing the tour at the following:

Logan Lynnhttp://youtu.be/_fa5WgqY6cA

Big Dipperhttp://youtu.be/h_6py7V2OuU


Darling Gunselhttp://youtu.be/kPA366T2wDU

Rica Shayhttp://youtu.be/IIhf8InaOr4


Accidental Bear has also released a FREE digital 13 song compilation album called “AB // XO” with songs from the bands headlining the tour, which is available at AccidentalBear.Bandcamp.com – Download yours today for zero dollars and get excited about the shows this summer!   

Thank you to our official tour sponsors Manhunt Cares and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  If you are an individual, business, corporation, or organization and you are interested in showing your support of the LGBTQ community, a great way to do that is to become a sponsor of the AB Summer Tour! Click HERE to download the sponsorship packet. 

Like the A.B. Queer Music Benefit on Facebook HERE.


See you next month!



Well, folks…it’s been a year and a half since I went on hiatus from music world and it’s been really good for me. I’ve immersed myself in activism and community work in Portland and have managed to stay put for a second. A lot of happy stuff has come into my life as a result of my deciding to sink the boat I was on before and I don’t ever regret having done so. It needed to happen and while at the time many people thought I was fucking crazy, as it turns out, it was the right choice. ALL of it.

With a little bit of distance between the stress of constantly touring and my everyday life now I have been able to separate the parts of the music industry I like from the parts I do not. In many ways I have gone back to how it was in the beginning—no pressure, no competition, no financial motivation to be more “mainstream” or “successful”—just me, my feelings, my keyboard, a pen and some paper. It’s been lovely to get back in touch with why I started off on this career path in the first place. In searching for that I seem to have accidentally unblocked myself and have, over the past 18 months, written a new record-one which I am already proud of and so excited to make.

I have already reached out to a few different folks who I want to work with on this one. I’m not going to set up shop with just one producer for the project. I am thinking of it as a chance to collaborate with a variety of talented people on a variety of tracks, then see where it lands. There are no rules anymore so it’s really just about the music. I don’t care how famous you are or who you’ve worked with in the past. If I’m inspired by your work, you’re in. If I’m not, you’re not.

If you would like to work on this new record with me and are interested in throwing yourself into the mix of potential producers, send an email to Logan@LoganLynnMusic.com with up to 3 original, unreleased instrumental works attached in MP3 format. Any genre is fine. Push me out of the box I’ve been living in if you dare! The only thing that is non-negotiable with this project is that YOU MUST BE THE OWNER OF THE SUBMITTED MATERIAL. I will be listening to all of your tracks over the course of November and will be identifying people from there.

Really looking forward to hearing from you. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling better than I have in years and it’s coming through in these new songs. Let’s make something pretty together!




You may have heard about Paul V’s “Born This Way” blog in recent days as it has been featured on TV and all over the place in the media. My short essay was one of the 1st included when the site when live a couple months ago. You can check out the post HERE. They ended up using only one of the two photos talked about in the essay so I have included the other one as the main header image of this post. Good, gay times.

Here’s hoping we can all learn to love ourselves and be kind to one another. Now…spend a few hours getting to know this fantastic blog. It’s pretty special.


Love you all,




Give to Q Center, Get a record. Click the banner image below, write the word “Logan” in the DONATION DEDICATION section, then donate whatever amount you can. Everyone who does this before August 30th will receive my new record, “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” on Tuesday, August 31st via the email address you provide on the Q Center donation form.


Hi again, everybody! It’s been a little over a week since I announced my plans to step away from the stage for the time being and the reaction from all of you has been really incredible. Thanks so much for all the emails and messages in the days since. It’s been reassuring to be able to so clearly see that I have not been wrong about all of you this whole time…that you totally ARE as wonderful as I like to think about you all being…that sometimes strangers care about you more than people you’ve known for years. Thank you for hearing where I’m at enough to wish me well on my journey. I’ve collected so much love from you through the past decade of my being in your ears. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve it but I feel so lucky to be connected with this sea of like-minded, sensitive, caring individuals all scattered across the globe…

So WHAT’S NEXT??? I think I may have figured that part out. You know how I was saying I needed to do something that matters for a little while and use my powers for good instead of just to be a famous singing douchebag who complains about how horrible his life is or whatever? Well, I actually meant it and have been exploring what that looks like in the immediate future. I’ve recently been involved with Portland’s Q Center (Oregon’s ONLY LGBTQ Community Center) and have been feeling personally drawn to that place for months. Ever since I stepped foot in the door and met Kendall Clawson (the center’s Executive Director) it’s been clear that she is on a mission to make something really big happen for not just the various queer communities in Oregon but the nation as well. Big things are happening out of that place and I want to be on the frontline of the change. I honestly don’t give a shit about pop music at the moment but I do care passionately about human rights and making things safe for the gay community at large, the community I Read the rest of this entry »


In preparation for my big farewell show tomorrow (Friday, August 20th, 2010) at Mississippi Studios in Portland (where this whole crazy music thing began for me) Just Out Newsweekly ran a follow-up story today on their blog as part 2 to the interview they ran in this week’s paper. Check out today’s story HERE. You can also read the interview which ran in print in this past week’s paper HERE if ya wanna.


I really hope to see you at tomorrow’s show, friends! It’s going to be quite the spectacle. Tickets and info HERE. One last dance before I go…

For those of you who don’t like redirecting to other sites, you can read part 2 of my interview with Just Out below: Read the rest of this entry »



























  • Logan: Thank you Julia. I sincerely hope so, too.
  • Julia: Thank you for writing this. It was very moving and brave. I am sorry you lost a mentor and friend and I too...
  • Logan: Thanks Anthony! I promise to come to your neck of the woods when my record comes out next year, dear. xx
  • Anthony Bowen: Hey Logan! I love everything you do! Keep it up! P.s. Come to Phoenix??
  • Ritchie: Last year was mind blowing. This year’s lineup looks just as good if not better. Just got our tickets.
  • Jaime Keller: Congratulations on the mainstream discovering you. Bout time!
  • Jackie: Best cover ever.
  • kira: beautiful
  • George V.: Hooray you are playing NYC!
  • Logan: Thanks Flava Flav. ha ha ha