Logan Lynn (2009)

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“From Pillar To Post, the newly released album by Logan Lynn is everything one would want from an album dubbed ‘electro-pop’. Sort of a mash-up of electronica, hip-hop-esque beats and pop sensibility, Logan Lynn has created a sound that, while can draw comparisons to similar artists such as The Postal Service, could also be called modern day new wave. Similar to the new wave movement of the 80’s, where the music was experimental in nature, using heavily synthesized instruments and affected vocals to create polished and very catchy pop tunes, Logan Lynn follows in suit using all of the powers of production to his advantage to create a sound that is as tight as it is catchy.

What I find interesting about this album is that, for the exception of an acoustic guitar, there are really no sounds used that resemble any real instruments. While this is typical of eletro-based music, using synthesizers and other heavily affected instruments to create a dense wall of layer-upon-layer style music, there are still typically organic instrument sounds blended into the mix. But with From Pillar To Post, even the drums have a produced sound to them. Normally I would be against this sound, because I feel that stripping any organic sounds out of music makes it feel cold, but Logan Lynn has found a way for me to be able to enjoy it. I think it has to do with the fact that Logan is creating sincere pop, not electronica. So although the music is electro based, the song forms, the hooks, the melodies and especially the harmonies are all very much pop-oriented.

The production of the album is fantastic, and with this type of music, that makes all the difference. Each layer has been added to the mix with perfection, allowing every single detail to be heard. Harmonized voices reign over the music and subtle reverb and echo effects pan beautifully from left to right. The quality of these recordings actually add to the accessibility of the album, allowing the lyrics to be easily understood and the vocal hook during the chorus to be felt with full effect. Don’t let the electro sounds fool you- this is a modern pop album. From Pillar To Post actually exceeded my expectations in that it has succeeded where so many similar albums have failed. (“From Pillar To Post”) remains a statement of artistic self-expression without forgetting what pop is all about.”

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