Logan Lynn (2009)

Hey everybody! It’s been a pretty minute since I posted anything other than goings-on in musicland on here, so I figured I’d take a minute to check in with all of you while I catch my breath. I have been swept up in what is nothing short of a whirlwind of busy days and busy nights all crammed together into what the folks in my camp have been collectively calling “the release”. It’s all very exciting…but there has not been a lot of time to stop and think, much less organize thoughts in a presentable way.

Anyway, I’m still here…still me…still trying to figure shit out as I go. For the first time in a really long time I feel relieved and hopeful…like a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders and I can, like…move forward…not just with music stuff, but with my life as a whole.

I know many of you who have known me any length of time in real life know what a bumpy ride it has been to get from there to here…that is putting it lightly…but for those of you who have let me be here with you now as this person, even with the knowledge of who I have journeyed through being while trying to get here with you, there are really no words for how thankful I am. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND I CARRY YOUR LOVE WITH ME WHEREVER I GO. It is SO much more fun to carry than what I was lugging around before.

Here’s the thing: I’m turning 30 next month…something my mother can be quoted as saying she never thought would happen. Truthfully, it almost didn’t many times during my years of tearing it up with the cocaine and all of its blood-sucking, criminal minions. It’s great to be here now, HEALTHY and ALIVE and IN MY RIGHT MIND…FREE…FINALLY FREE. I feel lucky to have made it through the pitfalls of my many failures and out the other side, relatively in one piece.

I feel this sense of urgency to make up for what I perceive as lost time and have thrown myself into trying to do that with the people in my life, with my music, and just with my general approach to the world. So far, so good. Things seem to be on track and, at the very least, at the end of the day I can come to the conclusion that I have really tried (and am still really trying) to make things better, whether it’s with my songs or my soul or my relationship with all of you and the folks around me.

I just want to be authentic, however that looks. I have found that the ONLY way I can feel the love that’s being given to me is if I believe that I have really let you see who it is you think you are looking at and loving. I had that all wrong before, walls built so high I was unreachable. Hidden in plain sight. Now that those days are over I suddenly feel so loved. It’s great. For any of you feeling this way, I suggest you start over…it is NEVER too late to turn things around. For real, y’all. Shut it down.

Thank you for liking my songs enough to make them yours…for letting me occupy space in your rooms and in your minds…I am so happy that there are others of you out there feeling this way, able to relate. I feel my world shrinking in a really nice, comforting way. Not so alone after all, huh? I’m into it.

Love, Love, LOVE


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