Logan Lynn (2009)

The “Drunkenwarewolf” Music Blog is reviewing my new record in “Drunkenwarewolf” Issue #10 but they posted a little bit of what’s to come today on their site HERE.

Here’s a little to tide you over…

“A sneak peek of things to come in DrunkenWerewolf, this review will appear in Issue #10, but the record’s a good’un and I’ve been given the a-ok to post a few of the tracks (yay for music bods appreciating free downloads), so:


From Pillar to Post is Logan Lynn’s debut full-length album. Released on The Dandy Warhols’ Beat the World Records, Lynn stands alongside psychedelic blues outfit The Upsidedown and cowboy collective Spindrift but is inarguably the label’s electronic counterpart, delivering sleep-heavy synths that echo the music of his patrons. The Portland, Oregon based singer-songwriter has created a record understated in tone, yet luxuriously relaxing:

The captivating chimes of opening track “Feed Me to the Wolves” roll throughout, softening on “If He Hollers”, “Bottom Your Way to the Top” and “Write It On My Left Arm”, but thriving on album highlights “Bleed Him Out” and “You Win the War”. Occasionally From Pillar to Post leaps into a welcomed world of acoustic open landscapes: on “Burning Your Glory” particularly, Lynn demonstrates he is not a one trick pony. However the majority of the tracks feed off the sparse subculture Boards of Canada embraced on their more prevalent records.

As a boy Lynn moved between states and cities with his family; for a man so travelled, I was expecting a more eclectic record. In reality, this is as anchored as it is possible for a talented musician to be. One very simple way of concluding whether you will enjoy Logan Lynn is to consider which of the Dandy’s records is your favourite: if you regarded The Dandy’s Rule, Okay? with contempt, then it’s best you don’t waste your time with From Pillar to Post. However if, like myself, you lapped up the continuous influx of beats and empowering synths, you’ll find a new kind of comedown cure with this debut.”

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  1. Very well done. Is your blog just you writing? Nicely done, Steven.

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