Logan Lynn (2009)

“NWMusicBlog” (Seattle, Portland, Olympia & The Northwest) reviewed my new record today. You can read the post HERE or check things out just below…This review is pretty much as good as they get. It totally made my day earlier.

From “NWMusicBlog” (11/22/2009)

“Logan Lynn’s From Pillar To Post becomes available on iTunes, November 24th, 2009. The highly anticipated follow up to the 2006 critically acclaimed self-titled release, From Pillar to Post features a wiser and more experience Logan Lynn, who in tandem with his new label, Beat The World Records, has produced a fine album full of danceable cuts, featuring some risqué, stunning, and oft times scathing lyrics.

The opening strings of Feed Me to the Wolves are being played so rapidly it sounds as if it is the water racing back after the wave has crashed and crested on the beach, rising in volume to a crescendo as the synth-bass crashes like a rogue wave pushing Logan Lynn’s melodies forward into the listeners’ ears. Heartfelt lyrics, heartbroken libretto gently glide over the highly danceable electronic pulse of the song, crying for a lost lover to assist in closure of the relationship.

The standout substance on this album is the masterful blending real instruments, electronic sounds and samples, and Logan’s voice which has a beauty that is quite evident as it is splashed across the aural backdrops. Alone Together would not sound out of place on a Depeche Mode album, with a highly varied electronic bass line meandering through the again soulful pleading of Lynn. A slower song than its predecessor, it remains a likely candidate for the dance floor due to the fabulous sequencing and diverse, yet melodic selection of sounds draped behind Lynn’s various intonations, all beautifully crafted and tracked together.

Amongst my favorite songs on this disc is the ballad style If He Hollers features a beautifully played acoustic guitar, with a simple but elegant kick drum/clap rhythm with a slow and marvelously crafted vocal line. Fans of slight sound panning that adds to the depth of a stereo experience will very much enjoy this tune and its sonic reveals. This is further evidenced by the well crafted Bottom Your Way to the Top, which stands alone on this album as the unsurpassed gem of the disc. Already the subject of airplay on MTV’s LOGO cable channel, the video (HD) is a stunning display wrought by director Jeffrey McHale and illustrator John Parot, which paired with the music, really should be checked out. There is artistic creation aplenty here, folks.

Though I have only discussed 4 of the first 5 tracks on the album, the final 8 songs are just as strong. Seemingly preying on his emotions and life experiences, the vocals and lyrics are at times haunting and quite deep, adding to a memorable listening experience. At times, deviance pours through the lyrics, exposing the extreme, yet leaving plenty to the minds’ eye. Rich aural treats, eruditely crafted prose, and the high end production carry this disc into the realm of the extraordinary.”

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