Logan Lynn (2009)

“Girls Sold Out” Music Blog ran a piece today called “The Holidays With Logan Lynn”. To read the post over at their site, CLICK HERE or you can check it out just below.

From “Girls Sold Out” (12/9/09)

“From now until Christmas, Girls Sold Out is asking some favourite artists all about the holidays. First up, is the wonderful and talented Mr. Logan Lynn…

GSO: Which holiday do you participate in, Christmas, Chanukah, etc?

LL: I participate in any holiday that involves me getting fed and being given
presents. My family celebrates a very loose Christmas-type-celebration
but it’s more about peace and love and caloric intake than the baby Jesus.

GSO: What are your plans for the holidays?

LL: I’m going to be in Portland so I’ll be spending much of it with my
extended Dandy Warhols family, which starts this Saturday and continues
for the next few weeks. Those guys don’t fuck around when it comes to
having fun on holidays. They are doing these “Italian Christmas” shows in
Portland and Seattle this weekend and then there’s a big holiday party
with all the bands on the label next week. Gonna be so fun. On Christmas
Day itself I’ll be with my Mom, Dad, Brother, pregnant Sister-in-law and 2
year old Niece. I love holiday time with both families, biological and

GSO: What was the best holiday present you ever received?

LL: Casio SK-1 keyboard, age 8. The day electronic music entered my life.

GSO: The best Christmas song is:

LL: The one kept to oneself. I fucking hate holiday music.

GSO: Have you finished your holiday shopping?

LL: Yeah. Everybody either gets my new record or a high-five. Their choice.

GSO: Share a fond holiday memory from your childhood:

LL: I have many fond memories of waking-up Christmas morning while visiting my
grandparents’ house around this time of year when I was a boy. My grandma
always wanted to get us exactly what we wanted (instead of giving us what
grandparents her age might have thought we wanted) so she would always
have my mom give her a list of what to get. I recall the BEST presents on
my list coming from those mornings with them. She made this salty chex
mix stuff that I would never eat now, but used to inhale by the handful
back then. There was so much love and color in that house. It was an
amazing place.

GSO: The perfect holiday party consists of:

LL: Someone not drinking with me amidst the crowd of drunks, periodically
making eye contact from across the room to remind me that we are there
together and that we’ll be leaving the sea of drunk party-goers together
soon. That sounds perfect to me at this stage in the game. I’d like a
virgin egg nog, please…but one made without raw eggs. SICK!

GSO: Logan’s album From Pillar to Post is now out on Beat The World Records.”

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