Logan Lynn (2010)

I just saw that Music Critic Mark Ziemke from “Ground Control” Magazine picked my
record as #3 in his Top 10 Records of 2009 list for said publication. They let all their writers pick their ten favorite releases from last year and I made his. So awesome. Check it out HERE or just below:

From “Ground Control” Magazine: (1/14/2010)

1. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Glass Note)
2. Lamb of God – Wrath (Sony)
3. Logan Lynn – From Pillar to Post (Beat the World)
4. Ola Podrida – Belly of the Lion (Western Vinyl)
5. The Prairie Cartel – Where Did All My People Go (n/a)
6. Silversun Pickups – Swoon (Dangerbird)
7. Ceu – Vagarosa (Six Degrees)
8. Red Fang – Red Fang (Sargent House)
9. Mars Volta – Octahedron (Warner)
10. Filthy Dukes – Fabric Live 48 (Fabric)

-Mark Ziemke, Writer, “Ground Control” Magazine

“Ah, what a year 2009 was for music. By all accounts, the climate was a delicate one as the music industry sought to streamline itself in accommodation of a new, digital generation which meant re-tooling services, re-thinking promotional strategies and working out the finer points of how a multi-million-dollar endeavor was going to sustain itself. In some circles, it was a harrowing time that called for the making of hard decisions but, if looking at the selection of great albums that appeared over the year is any indicator, the bands and artists at work in 2009 weren’t feeling it.

2009 turned out to be characterized by greatness as established bands and artists like Green Day, Bob Dylan, Neko Case and Dinosaur Jr. released albums that reiterated why they occupy the place in the music canon that they do, but new bands (like Animal Collective, Silversun Pickups and Phoenix) also broke through and established unique places of their own in the popular consciousness that could not be ignored or overshadowed. Further still, in their ongoing endeavor to re-coup old debts and losses, many labels initiated enormous projects to reissue and re-present classic albums by The Beatles, The Vaselines, Beck, Hawksley Workman, Bad Religion, Kraftwerk, Nirvana and Jane’s Addiction to name only the smallest imaginable number; perhaps without meaning to, the reissues enriched the year by presenting a foil between the quality of old works and values against the quality of new ones that found neither lacking, but presented both a rich history and bright outlook to the future. Taking it as a whole, 2009 could be looked at as a fantastic timeline that ran the span of forty years – all within the amount of time it took to complete one.

Of course, we here at Ground Control are a critical bunch and critics do have their favorites. Below readers will find individual lists of the ten best albums released this year as dictated by each writer. Taken together, it covers a pretty significant amount of ground but, even so, there are some recurring entries. Could it be that those are the albums with the greatest staying power and cross-taste appeal? Perhaps – only time will tell – but one thing’s for certain: in listening to them, there’s no doubt that each of the albums listed in this poll absolutely deserves to be here. They were the best of 2009.”

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