Logan Lynn (2010)

The “Oregon Music News” team were in attendance at the big spectacle at the Doug Fir in Portland this past Thursday and posted their review of the evening on their site today. It’s GOOD. You can check it out below or by clicking HERE.

From “Oregon Music News”: (1/13/2010)

‘Logan Lynn, Cars & Trains, and The Gentry: Electricly emote at the Doug Fir’

“The combination of Logan Lynn and Cars & Trains playing together at the Doug Fir last Thursday was as fresh as I’d hoped, and The Gentry added an element of power. The show represented the Portland showcase of Lynn’s already nationally acclaimed fourth album, From Pillar to Post, and the debut of Cars & Trains’ sophomore album, The Roots, The Leaves, which comes out on January 24th. The Gentry, now sharing backup duty for Logan with Cars & Trains, showcased this new synthesis last week as well.

The performance, with Lynn backed by Cars & Trains, was honest and a little gritty but fresh, while at the same time evoking a throwback to Mates of State’s My Solo Project. Lynn’s soulful, slightly melancholy vocals were contrasted with happier, upbeat backup, creating a push-pull phenomenon, which gave the music depth and interest. The sound this duo produces is more than superficial–you have to think deeper to get it as a whole, which is refreshing, and likely why it’s frequently awarded the emotronic title–emotionally open, complexly happy-sad.

At the end of the show The Gentry joined the rest of the musicians on stage for a finale. While The Gentry opened the night with their own set of sucker punching beat-infused rock, they closed by backing Lynn and changing the overall story. The combo of Lynn and Cars & Trains says, “Here are some painful things, but what the fuck, let’s dance it off!” The combo of Lynn and The Gentry says, “Here are some painful things, let’s break a hoe… what?” Exhibit A: What one does. Exhibit B: What one’s Id would do. The whole experience left the audience eerily aware of Lynn’s inner workings, which I think is why he’s so relatable.”

-Alaya Wyndham-Price, “OMN”

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