Give to Q Center, Get a record. Click the banner image below, write the word “Logan” in the DONATION DEDICATION section, then donate whatever amount you can. Everyone who does this before August 30th will receive my new record, “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” on Tuesday, August 31st via the email address you provide on the Q Center donation form.


Hi again, everybody! It’s been a little over a week since I announced my plans to step away from the stage for the time being and the reaction from all of you has been really incredible. Thanks so much for all the emails and messages in the days since. It’s been reassuring to be able to so clearly see that I have not been wrong about all of you this whole time…that you totally ARE as wonderful as I like to think about you all being…that sometimes strangers care about you more than people you’ve known for years. Thank you for hearing where I’m at enough to wish me well on my journey. I’ve collected so much love from you through the past decade of my being in your ears. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve it but I feel so lucky to be connected with this sea of like-minded, sensitive, caring individuals all scattered across the globe…

So WHAT’S NEXT??? I think I may have figured that part out. You know how I was saying I needed to do something that matters for a little while and use my powers for good instead of just to be a famous singing douchebag who complains about how horrible his life is or whatever? Well, I actually meant it and have been exploring what that looks like in the immediate future. I’ve recently been involved with Portland’s Q Center (Oregon’s ONLY LGBTQ Community Center) and have been feeling personally drawn to that place for months. Ever since I stepped foot in the door and met Kendall Clawson (the center’s Executive Director) it’s been clear that she is on a mission to make something really big happen for not just the various queer communities in Oregon but the nation as well. Big things are happening out of that place and I want to be on the frontline of the change. I honestly don’t give a shit about pop music at the moment but I do care passionately about human rights and making things safe for the gay community at large, the community I am proud to have openly been a part of since I was a 14 year old getting his ass kicked in Nebraska. It seems irresponsible to do anything other than what I am feeling called to do, so that’s what I’m doing.

Just to give you a bit of quick backstory, Q Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the visibility of and foster connection within metropolitan Portland’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender & Questioning (LGBTQ) community. (Queer, if you will). The center builds public awareness and support, and celebrates LGBTQ diversity through art, culture, and collaborative community programming. They hold around the clock events and house community groups, some focused on specific topics (like coming out or gender identity) and others aimed at fun social stuff. It’s basically a safe place for ALL queers and friends of queers to come together as different individuals, but with the common goal of making progress, both political and personal. Being that it’s a non-profit, Q Center is run by a very small group of dedicated warriors who are all buried up to their necks in work. They have a large immediate need for me to come on board and help with the day to day battle but they don’t have the budget to bring anyone else on at the moment. In the spirit of adventure I have decided to set off on a mission to gather enough donations where they can hire me (on a bare bones salary, mind you—just enough where I can pay my cheap rent and have food in my fridge) from September until the end of the year. I have committed to them for those 4 months so now I come up with the funding and BAM! Queer warrior, fighting for the rights of the people he loves full time.

For the time being my new record “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” is not going to be released. Instead, I have decided that anyone who donates to the Q Center (via the banner link below) today through the end of the month will get my new album sent to them digitally in a personal “thank you” email from me on Tuesday, August 31st. That is also the day before I am slated to begin my new job at the center—the job that, if all goes well over the coming weeks of fund raising, you will have 100% made possible out of your love for me and the LGBTQ community you know I am about to fiercely bust my ass for!!! The goal to bring me on board full time at Q Center for the rest of the year (September, October, November & December) is just $3,000. Here is a super important part: ALL the money goes directly to Q when you donate so the only way for them to know you are donating for this cause is to write the word “Logan” in the DONATION DEDICATION section. From there it gets earmarked so they know you want me to help the queers as much as I want to!!!

Thank you so much for making my dreams come true the past decade. I have this very real feeling that I am about to do something really huge at the Q Center. Help me do it and I’ll give you my new record!!! It doesn’t matter how much you give. Every little bit counts! You will get the new songs whether you give $10 or $10,000 — I need your help now more than ever though, friends. It’s calling me. Help me follow the voice and get a tax write-off at the same time!


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