Gay Propaganda Photobomb Solidarity Project

SochiSign Photobomb Solidarity Project at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Hey Portland! You may have seen me on KGW-TV last night talking about this #SochiSign “Gay Propaganda” photobomb solidarity project we kicked off yesterday at QBlog, where I serve as Editor-in-Chief.

Watch the segment here:

As is the case with many of you, I’ve been so frustrated watching the news coming out of Russia about the state-sanctioned torture and oppression of LGBTQ people happening there right now, and once the Olympic games coverage began my head exploded.

Yesterday morning, at our weekly QBlog writers meeting, my colleague Cameron suggested we do something about it. Click HERE to learn more and get involved.


Find the official Facebook event page for the #SochiSign “Gay Propaganda” Photobomb Solidarity Project HERE.

To learn more about what’s happening with LGBTQ people in Russia right now, watch this:

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