Logan Lynn – Extended Bio

Logan Lynn LIVE in Seattle - Chop Suey (2013) Photo by Adrian Sotomayor Photography

Logan Lynn is an American musician, writer, composer, singer, producer, mental health advocate, LGBT activist, filmmaker and television personality with a career that spans the past two decades.

Lynn is the former host of NewNowNext Music on MTV’s Logo Network and has done a number of televised commercial spots for the channel. His videos have been featured on MTV, VH1, Logo, Spike TV and countless web-based platforms since 2000.

Logan released his 8th studio album ADIEU in 2016. The record explored issues of mental health, addiction recovery, grief, loss, resilience and Lynn’s own lifelong battle with overcoming persistent suicidal ideation. ADIEU was named one of the Top 10 Albums of 2016 by Blurt Magazine and Disarm Magazine, as well as one of the “Top 5 Albums of 2016” by Insite Magazine.

In 2017 Lynn released a documentary film titled Lead With Love, about his controversial Inter-Community Dialogue Project with the conservative evangelical Mars Hill Megachurch. Later that year he starred in “Last Meal“, a new horror-comedy TV series from Two Penguins Productions and the writers of “Search Party” on TBS, and received the prestigious Award of Excellence from the National Council for Behavioral Health for his advocacy work in music, TV, film and community.

Logan Lynn has completed work on a new record, titled My Movie Star. The album is a collaboration with T-Pain muse GLASYS and features just Lynn and a grand piano. My Movie Star was produced by Jay Mohr (Saturday Night Live, Jerry Maguire) and is due out in 2018, alongside an album of all the songs reimagined by Logan’s favorite bands and artists.

Still From Logan Lynn - Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks - Official Music Video - Hippodrome Films (2013)

— Personal Life —

Childhood, Johnny Cash
Lynn was born to parents William Dennis Lynn, a Christian minister, and Debra “Debby” Lynn (née Stockburger). Lynn’s paternal grandmother, LaVanda Mae Fielder, was a piano and vocal instructor who worked out of her home. One of her pupils was a young Johnny Cash.

Lynn’s father was a traveling preacher and proponent of a Christian touring sermon series known as “The Strong Family Seminar”. This resulted in Lynn’s family living on the road for much of his childhood and later changing their permanent residence several times. In 1981, at the age of 2, Lynn and his parents moved from his birthplace of Lubbock, Texas to York, Nebraska, where they spent the next eight years. In 1989, the family moved to Midland, Michigan, but returned to York for one year beginning in 1993. This was followed by brief stints in Jackson, Tennessee (1994–1995), another return to York (1995), Olathe, Kansas (1995–1996), and then his first arrival in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 1996.

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Teenage Years, The Get-Up Kids, Kansas City Music Scene
Oppressive teachings from the church would in time cause Lynn to develop a disdain for his fundamentalist Christian upbringing. As a teenager, he began listening to musical acts that were blacklisted and forbidden by many Christian literary reviews as well as in the Lynn family home. At 14, Lynn first acknowledged he was gay and left the church. When his family arrived in Olathe in 1995, Lynn befriended Jim Suptic, Ryan Pope and Robert Pope of The Get Up Kids and spent much of his time in Kansas City at underage rock venues like The Daily Grind.

Lynn’s exposure to raves in Chicago and then his behind-the-scenes access to the pioneers of the Kansas City emo music scene would be the inspiration for what would become his signature sound for many years. The party outlet led him to get his feet wet as a DJ and he started to write song compositions that released the angst and derision he had continued to feel from earlier stages in his life.


— Musical Career —

This Is Folk Techno (Mixtape), Portland Music Scene (1998-1999)
In 1998 Logan Lynn released a lo-fi demo mixtape of his own work titled This Is Folk Techno which was made entirely with a Casio SK-1. This new electronic glitch-pop gave him exposure to work with other producers as well as meet and work with other local Portland music scene veterans Elliott Smith, Zia McCabe from The Dandy Warhols, and Dan Reed. Lynn would later re-release the songs from “This Is Folk Techno” on his 2013 album Pull The Plug.

Logan Lynn Pull The Plug (Recordings from 1996-1998) - Logan Lynn - Released June 2013

Debut Record GLEE, First Hiatus (2000-2005)
Lynn was eventually granted a studio pass to create his first full length album, GLEE, which was released in 2000. Lynn’s first music video was made for the Here We Go Again single. It was shot and directed by Bryan White and Chris Tucker and produced by Logan Lynn Music.

The buzz around Lynn and sudden local success of GLEE did not mix well with Logan’s introverted composition and he became very reclusive amidst positive reviews. This hiatus from public appearances or performances would last for the next five years.

In 2005 when the record was re-released, it immediately found an audience among fans of The Postal Service.

Logan Lynn LIVE in Portland (2013)

Logan Lynn (Album), Folsom Street Fair, Rockstar Energy Drink Battle of the Bands (2006)
During this time Lynn also reworked songs from GLEE along with new material of a darker, emo/folk rock sound and released his sophomore studio album, Logan Lynn, in 2006. The songs Come Home and Burning Your Glory were instant standouts when Lynn began a following of over 150,000 listeners on MySpace that same year.

This led to playing in front of 400,000 people at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco with The Presets, Bob Mould and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

Singles from this record included Ring Around, Come Home and Show Me The World, which was also featured in the Feeble In Fuchsia Motion Picture Soundtrack alongside Lynn’s friends and fellow Portland music scene veterans Glass Candy the following year.

Official music videos were released for all three singles over the course of 2006. The Ring Around video was directed by Dani Hunter and featured a drugged-out Lynn sketching out all over Portland. The director of photography was Galvin Collins. The editor/cameraman was Chris Davis, with makeup by Patty Kovach.

The Come Home video was directed by Rebecca Micciche and featured Lynn in his NW Portland condo alongside actors cast in the role of his family members. This video also featured costuming by Emmy Award-winning stylist/designer Amanda Needham (Portlandia).

The Show Me The World video was directed by Mark Jerako and featured scenes of Lynn and Producer Carlos Cortes’s live performance at Rotture in Portland earlier that year mixed with scenes of Lynn smoking cigarettes and scenes from Jerako’s film, Feeble in Fuchsia, starring Portland drag terrorist group Sissyboy’s “Precious Hottest She-Male” character.

Lynn opened for Storm Large in a sold-out show at Portland’s historic Crystal Ballroom in November 2006 after winning a series of Battle of the Bands events sponsored by Rock Star Energy Drink. This grand finale performance at the Crystal Ballroom would put him on the map in the local Portland music scene.

Logan Lynn by Eric Sellers and Zachary Banton (2012)

“Clean & Stupid” EP , “Feed Me To The Wolves” EP (2007)
In 2007 Logan Lynn began working with a new producer, Carlos Cortes, and released a 5-song EP titled Clean and Stupid featuring a new single, titled Feed Me to the Wolves, which was distributed by Devious Planet PR in New York City and reviewed by Arjan Writes and other press outlets.

Logan returned to the studio and released a 2nd, 6-song EP of new music that same year titled Feed Me To The Wolves, including a new, big-budget production of “Feed Me to the Wolves” mixed and mastered by Dandy Warhols engineer Jeremy Sherrer at The Dandy Warhols Odditorium. Along with the title track, remixes by Kimono Kops and Assemble The Empire, and new cuts of “Burning Your Glory” and “Come Home” were featured on the EP.

Lynn released a music video for “Come Home (13 Puzzle Pieces Remix)” in the spring of that year, a sexually explicit stop-motion animation short directed by Chris Tucker, who created the video by splicing scenes of a blown-out, high-contrast image of Lynn against scenes of male dolls in a variety of sexual scenarios.

A few months later, he released a music video for “Burning Your Glory (Empire Edit)” which was directed by Trip Ross and produced by Uncultivated Studios. The “Burning Your Glory (Empire Edit)” video featured Lynn walking all over the state of Oregon, including Portland, Bend, and the Oregon Desert.

In September 2007, Logan Lynn had a feature showcase at Portland’s MusicFest NW festival.


The Dandy Warhols, Beat the World Records, Caroline Records, EMI (2007-2010)
In September 2007 Logan Lynn was contacted by The Dandy Warhols. The band had heard his early work, attended his showcase at Portland’s Musicfest NW festival, and offered him a contract with their label, Beat The World Records. After being signed, Lynn reentered the studio to begin work on his third studio album that contained reworked tracks from the Feed Me to the Wolves EP.

Lynn was signed with Beat The World, an EMI Records 3rd party label distributed by Caroline Records, from July 2007 to July 2010. According to reports, while he is no longer affiliated with the label, Lynn remains friends with Courtney Taylor-Taylor and The Dandy Warhols to this day, and in 2013 Logan interviewed Courtney for The Huffington Post.

Logan Lynn by Eric Sellers & Zaq Banton (2012)

MTV, Logo, NYC Gay Pride Festival, Video of the Year (2007-2008)
Logan’s association with DList.com owner Daniel Nardicio landed him a gig playing at the gay-themed 2007 New York City Pride celebration. His performance was seen by a representative from MTV’s Logo network.

The LGBT-interest channel was interested in building its offering of artists and acts and recruited Lynn. They secured the rights to his music videos for “Burning Your Glory” first. It first aired on television in April 2007.

In October 2007 Lynn’s music video for his single “Feed Me To The Wolves” was premiered on Logo to 26,000,000 homes. The video was directed by Rebecca Micciche and produced by Bystander Productions and was an instant hit with the network and online with fans.

Logo entered both videos into heavy rotation of the series “NewNowNext” as well as “The Click List: Top 10 Videos” in late 2007. “Feed Me To The Wolves” was also featured on Time/Warner On-Demand for the month of October that year. Both videos spent months on the top 10 countdown and Logo picked “Burning Your Glory” as one of the top 10 videos of the year in 2007 and “Feed Me To The Wolves” for top 10 videos of 2008.

Logan Lynn (2012)

Awards, Network Television Premier, The Weinstein Company, Drug Rehabilitation, USA Today (2008)
During this time, Lynn’s addictions reached a peak. Lynn overdosed on a mixture of crack cocaine and alcohol and suffered a TIA pre-stroke attack in 2008. He spent a large portion of the year in rehab for chemical dependency at a St. Helens, Oregon rehab center. Lynn’s stay in St. Helens stopped work on an in-process album for Beat The World Records and caused him to be let go from an in-process reality show with The Weinstein Company. In a slew of interviews and press, it was clear that the profound loss which accompanied Lynn’s substance abuse treatment made an impact. Lynn remains in longterm recovery to this day.

While in rehab, ADD-TV picked up the videos for “Burning Your Glory” “Feed Me to the Wolves” and nominated Lynn for Best New Artist and in two Best Video categories for the HX Magazine/ADD-TV 2008 “Pill Awards”.

Lynn was unable to leave rehab to appear at the awards show in New York City. Upon his release later in the year, Lynn returned to the album project, but made major changes. “When I got back to Portland, I threw out everything we had recorded and started over”, Lynn told Portland’s Just Out magazine in June 2009. “I had taken the time away to sort things out, but the only way I knew how to do that was by writing songs, so that’s what I did. I came back feeling like a new man and proceeded to make an even newer record.”

In September 2008, Logan Lynn was given his own showcase performance at Portland’s MusicFest NW festival for the 2nd year in a row[30] and USA Today printed ““Fans of electronic compositions and mood music will enjoy Logan Lynn, whose efforts are variously described as electro-pop and emotronic.” in an upcoming new releases preview section of the nationally-circulated newspaper.

That same month, Lynn made his first TV appearance as host of Logo’s NewNowNext countdown, in which he discussed his beginnings, influences, and career happenings. Lynn’s videos have continued to show up on Logo, VH1 & MTV as well as in commercial spots and hosting gigs for the Logo channel since 2007.

Logan Lynn (2012)

From Pillar To Post (Digital Release), CMJ Music Marathon, Album of the Year (2009)
It was soon announced that Logan Lynn’s new album would be titled From Pillar To Post, borrowing an expression that was commonly used by Lynn’s maternal grandmother.

Logan Lynn released a video for “Write It On My Left Arm” in August 2009. The video was directed by Trip Ross and produced by Uncultivated Studios and featured Lynn in a hazmat suit, wandering a desert wasteland, then being zapped into the sky by a white light. The video was played on “NewNowNext” on Logo, as well as on MTV Iggy.

From Pillar To Post had a digital release date of September 4, 2009. The album was featured on the iTunes homepage for 3 weeks and was released to critical acclaim, gaining positive reviews from over 100 media outlets. In early reviews of the record, Under The Radar Magazine wrote, “Delightfully warm synth-pop…Feed Me to the Wolves toes the line between Cut Copy‘s epic chimes and Ladytron‘s dancefloor squiggling.” and Indie Rock Cafe is quoted as saying “Having surfaced to the indie music scene for all the right reasons in recent years, Logan Lynn has released an amazing collection of upbeat, sprawling electro-pop tracks that are not over-produced but engineered to be original and free-flowing. There’s a lot of musical experience and talent wrapped neatly in this well packaged upcoming release.”

“From Pillar To Post” would be Logan Lynn’s first fore into the world of mainstream indie and pop music. Lynn was given his own industry showcase at the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon festival, where he performed with Portland indie pop outfit Cars & Trains as his backup. Leading up to this show, MTV Iggy wrote “Oregonian troubadour Logan Lynn backs his emotive vocals with glitchy techno, resulting in bare synth pop that’s somewhere between Moby and Pedro the Lion. He’s playing at New York’s CMJ fest on Tuesday October 20th @ midnight at the Bowery Electric.” on their site alongside a post of Lynn’s music videos. Logan also had a showcase at Musicfest Northwest in Portland, Oregon in 2009, his 3rd MFNW showcase in a row.

That same year, URB Magazine ran a feature article on Lynn and the new record, writing “The singer/songwriter sets his heartfelt confessionals to the sound of blaring synths, driving drum rhythms, and pulsing basslines. Sonically adventurous yet possessing the pop sensibilities that lesser artists would forsake in the name of artsiness, Lynn is set to become the new golden boy of sensitive electro-pop.”

On November 23, 2009, Logan Lynn released a music video for his new single, “Bottom Your Way To The Top”, which was produced by Logan Lynn Music. The video featured Illustrations by John Parot from the Bravo TV Series “Work Of Art” over scenes of Lynn mixed with a storyline set in a leather bar. Lynn’s scenes for the video were filmed at The Dandy Warhols’ Odditorium in Portland while the rest were filmed in Chicago. The video played on Logo, MTV, VH1 and Spike TV, as well as having live premier parties in Portland and Chicago.

“From Pillar To Post” was named Album of the Year by multiple media outlets in 2009, including The Deli and Just Out Portland.

Logan Lynn LIVE in Seattle (2013) Photo by Adrian Sotomayor Photography

From Pillar To Post (Physical Release), The Last High (2010)
The widespread physical release date for “From Pillar To Post”, for all stores nationwide, happened via Caroline Records/EMI in February 2010, alongside an international digital release.[1] The release of From Pillar To Post coincided with a limited edition, 4-Volume Remix EP Collection of reworked, original songs from the main album. Titled Blood In the Water, it featured collaborations between Lynn and Styrofoam and Boy In Static as well as 16 other bands and DJs, which Lynn would later re-release as a double album in 2011.

Lynn recorded a cover of The Dandy Warhols’ song “The Last High”, which was produced by Bryan Cecil and released as a single by Beat the World Records/Caroline Records/EMI on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

The music video for “The Last High” single was directed by Rebecca Micciche and produced by Bystander Productions. It first aired on MTV’s Logo Network nationwide in February 2010 and has been featured on MTV, VH1, Spike TV, LogoOnline and many other major music video hotspots ever since.

Logan Lynn LIVE at Beatbox in San Francisco (2013)

Touring with The Gentry, Parting with Record Label, Second Hiatus (2010-2013)
In July 2010, after completing a Summer tour of the U.S. with Portland electronic rock band The Gentry and fulfilling his contract with The Dandy Warhols label Beat The World, Logan Lynn announced that he would be taking an extended break from the music industry to go work full-time for LGBTQ equal rights at Portland’s Q Center.

While he continued to write and record music during this time, Lynn did not take the stage or make any public appearances from his performance at Mississippi Studios in Portland in August 2010 until his performance at Beatbox in San Francisco in June 2013.

Logan Lynn by Aleksandr Peikrishvili (2013)

I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday, Album of the Year, Blood In The Water (2010-2011)
“I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday”, the follow-up to 2009’s “From Pillar To Post”, was self-released by Lynn digitally on August 31, 2010 and was Produced by Bryan Cecil. One hundred percent of the profits of “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” went to benefit Portland’s Q Center the 1st year of its release.

“I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” was named Album of the Year in 2010 by QPDX, Just Out and other media outlets. Out Magazine wrote “Logan Lynn’s emo-disco-pop blend has already made him a hit with gay guys who like to hear their lives — from the highs to the lows — set to music. His ability to capture melancholy and melody is really no surprise, given that the grandmother who taught him about music also taught a similarly emotional man, Johnny Cash.” in an interview with Lynn.

In June 2011, Lynn’s “Quickly As We Pass” video premiered on Logo and MTV to rave reviews in the press. The video was directed by Jeffrey McHale and produced by Logan Lynn Music. It featured a series of animated, life-size, cardboard cutouts throughout. Because of the nudity in the video, Logo, MTV and VH1 rejected the first three versions of the video. A black bar-edited, censored version would appear on those outlets instead.

Lynn’s remix record, “Blood In The Water”, was also released that June and featured Logan Lynn remixes by Styrofoam, Boy In Static, Flufftronix, Naked Highway and 15 other bands, producers and DJs, many of whom had been previously featured on the four limited edition “Blood In The Water” EPs which were only available during the “From Pillar To Post” pre-order in 2009.

Logan Lynn Fantastic Plastic Mag

Live From Nowhere Near You (Vol. 2), Greyday Records, Everything You Touch Turns To Gold Acoustic EP (2011)
Later that year Logan Lynn contributed an original, previously unreleased song titled “Movies” for Live From Nowhere Near You (Volume 2) alongside Pink Martini, The Strokes, Pearl Jam, Spoon, Elliott Smith, Queens of the Stone Age, The Dandy Warhols and dozens of other bands in July 2011 on Greyday Records.

In December 2011 Lynn released a free five song digital EP titled “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” made entirely of new, acoustic material in December 2011. He announced at this time that he had been working on a new record titled “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”, slated for release in December 2012.

Logan Lynn Performing at Mo Wave Festival in Seattle (April 2014) at Chop Suey

Turn Me Out (Single), Do You Want Me Or Not? (Single), Animotion Collaboration, Comp 175 Benefit (2012)
Logan Lynn released the first single from the record titled “Turn Me Out” on Tuesday, June 5 which was co-written with David Appaloosa from Portland band The Hugs, produced by Gino Mari, and recorded at The Country Club recording studios in Portland. In an article which contained an interview with Lynn and a review of the new single, The Advocate Magazine wrote “Somehow, a kid who grew up in a fundamentalist Christian church where even musical instruments were too secular to have around has developed into an innovative adult musician with a dirty-honest edge. “Turn Me Out,” the debut track off his upcoming fifth studio album, Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, is blunt, raunchy, and fun.”

In July 2012 Lynn released the “Turn Me Out” music video, which was directed by photographer Curtis Speer and produced by Logan Lynn Music. This video was again picked up by Logo for premier on the network’s “NewNowNext” series, but the network canceled the series before it premiered. It was later announced that Logo GM Lisa Sherman was leaving the network, causing all existing, high-rated Logo programming to be folded into sister channel MTV and the rest to be cut.

Lynn released the “Turn Me Out” Remix E.P. in August 2012 with the second single from the new record titled “Do You Want Me Or Not?” following closely behind in September. The “Do You Want Me Or Not?” single also included a new remix of “Turn Me Out” by 1980’s synth pop sensation Animotion.

In November 2012 Logan Lynn Produced and released a compilation record titled “Comp 175: A Benefit for Queer Programs and Services in the Pacific NW”[69] which featured 36 bands, 45 songs, and was sold for $15. 100% of the proceeds from this record go to benefit Q Center, which operates both the LGBTQ Community Center and the Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC) in Portland, Oregon. Artists featured on “Comp 175” include Lynn, Peaches, Matt Alber, God-Des & She, Magic Mouth, Scream Club, Christeene and more.

Logan Lynn at The Country Club (2014)

Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, Album of the Year, Summer Tour Benefit, Live Album (2012-2013)
Logan Lynn held a public remix contest for “Turn Me Out” and released the 5 top mixes on the “Turn Me Out” Remix EP in August of 2012. He released a new 10 song album on December 4, 2012 called “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”. Produced by Gino Mari and recorded and mixed at The Country Club studios in Portland, the record featured collaborations with Los Angeles electropop band Father Tiger, David Appaloosa from Portland indie boyband The Hugs, Spencer Lee Carroll from DJ duo LackLustre, The Gentry, Rowan Wren, Noah Daniel Wood, and more. The album debuted at #93 on the iTunes Pop 100[65] to critical praise.

“Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks” was named “Album of the Year” by multiple media outlets. Willamette Week reviewed the album and wrote “Former Dandy Warhols protégé Portland electropopper Logan Lynn is back with Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, a layered confection of shiny beats, blips and synths with more lyrical heft than the average dance-floor soundtrack.”

In January 2013 Logan Lynn released the music video for “Hologram”, directed by Adrian Sotomayor and Aaron Bear and produced by Logan Lynn Music. The video featured a gay man-turned-hologram and a live performance by Lynn, and was filmed in both Seattle and Portland. It premiered on Out Magazine’s website. In May 2013, Lynn held another public remix contest and released a second 5-song remix EP called “Dance Alone” featuring the winners. That same month, Lynn’s music was featured on AccidentalBear.com’s “AB//XO Vol. 1” compilation record to promote an upcoming concert tour featuring Lynn and other queer artists.

In June of that year, after taking a three year hiatus from performing, Logan Lynn headlined the Queer Music Summer Tour Benefit For LGBTQ Mental Health Services & Suicide Prevention alongside Big Dipper, Conquistador, Rica Shay and others in 2013 in support of Q Center in Portland, the Ali Forney Center in New York City, the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, The Stonewall Project in San Francisco and Pride Foundation in Seattle.

Later that June, Lynn released “Pull The Plug”, a re-release of his long-lost 1998 mixtape “This Is Folk Techno”. In August he released “Live from Seattle”, a recording of his July 14, 2013 performance at Seattle’s Chop Suey venue. Weeks later, Lynn released a music video for his next single from “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”, titled “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold”, for the album version of the song. The video was directed by Rowan Wren, who also sings lead vocals on the duet with Lynn on the record, and featured Lynn and Wren with metal sculpture work by Portland artist Christopher Truax. The video premiered on Out Magazine’s website and was picked up by media from there.

On Halloween of 2013 Lynn released a music video for the album’s title track, “Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks”. The video was directed by Kevin Forrest and Ben Starkey and was produced by Hippodrome Media and Logan Lynn Music. It was featured up by multiple media outlets, and was watched nearly half a million times on YouTube during its first 2 months.

Logan Lynn (2014) Fayetteville Arkansas

We Can’t Stop (Miley Cyrus Cover), Saturday Night Live (2013)
In September 2013, Logan Lynn released a cover of “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus, courtesy of RCA Records and Sony Music Entertainment and Co-written and Produced by Gino Mari. New York Magazine called “dreamy, guitar-heavy” and Huffington Post called “bold” and “warmer” than the original.

The lyric video for the song, made up of images from the preceding 15 years of Lynn’s musical career, was watched over 750,000 times during its first 3 months on YouTube, flooding Lynn’s public online networks with new viewers and followers overnight.

Miley Cyrus went on to perform Lynn and Mari’s arrangement of the song on Saturday Night Live October 5, 2013.

Logan Lynn Live in San Francisco July 5th 2013

“We Will Overcome” and “The One” Singles, Festival Shows, “Adieu” Album (2014-2016)

Logan Lynn is currently back in the studio working on new material with Producer Gino Mari for what will be his eighth studio album, titled “Adieu”, slated for release in 2016. Lynn released the first two tracks in the form of a single titled “We Will Overcome” on September 9th, 2014. “Break Me Down” spent 6 weeks in the Top 10 on Colombian pop radio, prompting Lynn to do many interviews and radio spots in the country, with Escena Indie en Colombia naming the track #2 in their Top 5 Songs of 2014 Countdown.

The previous April, Logan Lynn reunited with his live band and premiered the new lineup at Seattle’s Mo-Wave Festival, voted “Best Festival” by Seattle Weekly. In September of that same year Logan and his band also had a headlining showcase at Austin’s Stargayzer Festival alongside Big Freedia, Trust, Austra, Mykki Blanco, Cazwell and dozens of other performers.

On September 30th, 2014 Vortex Music Magazine hosted the exclusive world premiere of Lynn’s “We Will Overcome” music video, comparing his new sound to Elliott Smith, FUN., and Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie in the accompanying post. Logan appeared on the cover of the December 2014 issue of Proud Times Magazine. During the 18 page spread, Lynn was interviewed about his longterm relationship ending, his passion for mental health advocacy, his new album, his experience of being a person in recovery from drugs and alcohol, and more. That same month, Lynn was also featured in Loud and Proud Entertainment Magazine.

In October of 2014, Logan Lynn accepted a position as Chief Communications Officer for Trillium, Oregon’s largest provider of mental and behavioral health for children and families. He is responsible for creating Trillium’s “Keep Oregon Well” campaign, designed to fight stigma through rock and roll. Lynn has partnered with bands like Bleachers, Charli XCX, Of Monsters And Men, Walk Off The Earth, David Gray, Priory, Flo Rida and more!

In November 2015 Lynn announced that his new single and video, “The One”, would be released on December 31st at Midnight, New Year’s Eve. On January 1st, 2016 Logan Lynn and his longtime producer and collaborator Gino Mari released the new single. Lynn sites his friends and former labelmates The Dandy Warhols for being the inspiration behind the song’s modern garage rock sound. Glide Magazine wrote “Logan Lynn has always had a knack for making danceable rock and pop and with ‘The One’ he shows that he can now confidently rock out with the same gusto” and UK music site The Sound Of Confusion wrote “Stylistically ‘The One’ sees a slight shift in direction for Lynn, whose past releases have been more electronic, whether it’s veering towards the dance floor or creating hook-filled alt-pop. This first track from his forthcoming new album ‘Adieu’ sees him tackling garage inspired indie-rock without losing those catchy melodies and pop sparkle.”

The music video for “The One” features both Logan Lynn and producer/co-writer Gino Mari and was directed by Grammy Award winning musician and producer Matt Alber. With the release of “The One”, Lynn also announced that his 8th studio album, “Adieu” will be released on September 23rd, 2016.

In February 2016 MTV’s Logo Network announced that Lynn would be taking over their social media to cover the 58th Annual Grammy Awards for the network’s blog, NewNowNext. That same month, Paste Magazine released the album art for ADIEU. and Vortex Music Magazine released the liner notes for the record, where Lynn writes about his ongoing struggle with depression, surviving suicidal ideation in the face of grief and life-long persistent mental and behavioral health challenges.

In an interview with Coming Up Music Magazine, Lynn addressed the album’s subject matter, “This record was really tough to make, which is why it will be four years between albums. I lost my partner, I lost my dog, and I lost myself in the process of losing them both. My own mental health struggles tend to show up in the form of persistent suicidal ideation…so the record is a snapshot of that time in my life. It’s about my mental health crisis, overcoming grief, and figuring out that love is still stronger than anything else, even in the face of extreme loss. It feels like the album I have been trying to make since 1998 when I started putting out records.”

In June 2016, two days after the mass killing of queer people and their allies at Pulse Orlando, Logan Lynn and Gino Mari released a new charity single titled “Go There When You Want To Be Loved” in support of the families and survivors most impacted by the tragedy. Lynn and Mari donated 100% of the proceeds to recovery efforts with Orlando’s gay community. In a feature story and interview with Myspace Music the week of the release, Logan said “I’m a gay man, so I can’t donate blood, even to save other gay men who are dying because they are losing their own blood, so it felt very much like I needed to do something other than sit on my hands. I wrote the song about feeling like I didn’t have a safe place in the world; This feeling like I’m a man without a country, I’m a man without a place to go.”

In July 2016 the pre-order for Lynn’s eighth full-length studio album ADIEU. went live alongside a new single, “Can You Get Me Off?” This was the fifth of the fifteen new songs on the record to be released. Later that same month, Lynn and actor Jay Mohr shot an interview about ADIEU., Mental Health and more at iHeartMedia Portland. In a long-form review of the album published on Lynn’s website, Mohr wrote “Logan Lynn’s ADIEU is a victory for the broken bones and bruised hearts that support our heavy souls. Impossibly, yet beautifully, ADIEU makes no claims to anything other than a simple truth: Life is awful, until it’s not. For anyone that has ever felt disconnected, unheard, under-appreciated or unrequited, this is the album to hold tightly to your chest. A+”, about the record.”

In August 2016 Lynn campaigned with Kanye West for “Keep Oregon Well” to raise awareness about mental health issues, including a statewide contest to send one of West’s Oregon fans on tour with him for three days later in the year. West voiced a commercial spot for the campaign which ran on KWEE 96.3 FM in Portland during the contest. Lynn simultaneously ran a statewide contest with Keep Oregon Well for Z100 Portland listeners to join him in Las Vegas at the iHeartRadio Music Festival with artists including U2, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Drake. Lynn released his 20th music video, “Go There When You Want To Be Loved”, on August 23, 2016. The video was produced by Molly Preston and directed by Kevin Forrest of Portland Film Works, and was premiered on Logo TV’s “NewNowNext”, which called the video “an experiment in unbridled joy”.

On September 23, 2016 Lynn released his eighth studio album, ADIEU. In the September 2016 issue of Spain’s Mondo Sonoro MagazineADIEU. was selected as a “red star new release” pick alongside Frank Ocean, giving the album 7 out of 10 stars. That same month, New Noise Magazine wrote that “Logan Lynn Brings Back 90s College Rock” in their review of the record. The September issue of Blurt Magazine gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, and NBC’s “Live at 7” called the record “masterful” during a segment with Lynn and Mari. Lynn made appearances at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, and returned to the Pacific Northwest to perform an album release show with 101.9 KINK FM at Skype Live Studio in Portland. The show was featured in Willamette Week alongside a feature on Lynn and the old Portland music scene he grew up in with Elliott Smith and The Dandy Warhols. The piece was focused on the release of ADIEU., which the publication called his “most uncomfortable album yet”.

Lynn was the subject of a feature story in the October 2016 issue of Innocent Words Music Magazine, in which they called him “a modern day Gene Kelly”. Later that month Myspace named Lynn one of their “15 Artists We Love” and included him alongside Colbie Caillat and others in a special Halloween feature. The following month, in November, Logan was featured in a York News-Times cover story called “Struggles Lead Logan Lynn from York to Fame”, about his life growing up in the rural Nebraska town. In December, Portland pop punk royalty Hutch Harris of Saddle Creek and Sub Pop band The Thermals published a story called “Just Visiting: A Brief History of Logan Lynn” in the Portland Mercury. In it, Harris wrote “Portland musician Logan Lynn is many things: a respected songwriter, mental health advocate, and LGBTQ icon. ‘ADIEU.’ is a smart mix of alt-country and indie electronica, with lyrics that may be dark, but are ultimately uplifting. It may have taken decades, but he has finally found his true voice, and is far from saying goodbye. With ADIEU, Logan Lynn is really saying hello—to the world, to himself, and to the future.”

On January 1, 2017 Blurt Music Magazine named ADIEU. one of the “Top 10 Albums of 2016“. Later that month, INsite Atlanta Entertainment Magazine picked the record as one of their “Top 5 Albums of the Year“, stating “ADIEU. is quite possibly Logan Lynn’s best album yet, as each song here builds on the next for an impressively cohesive set, ending in the brilliantly wry “Oh, Lucifer”. Despite a mix of up tempo indie pop and more introspective piano tracks they fit together beautifully. Lynn continues to impress eight records into his career.” On January 20th, 2017 Lynn released a music video for “Oh, Lucifer”, Adieu’s final track. Logo TV premiered the video and said “Logan Lynn Is reclaiming hell as a safe space for queers” and “skewers the religious right in a most devious way” about the release. The video was produced and directed by Kevin Forrest of Portland Film Works and stars Lynn and producer Gino Mari alongside a cast of puppets, including George Michael, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. In the video, Lynn and Mari are seen saving LGBT youth from Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church and giving him electroshock therapy, freeing parishioners from murderous cult leader Jim Jones and putting Donald Trump in prison. Lynn released “Oh, Lucifer” on Inauguration Day in protest of the President Elect. ADIEU. was featured as “Vinyl of the Week” by Forestpunk music blog. In their review of the album, they wrote “Taken at the surface level, ‘ADIEU’ would simply be another peppy, upbeat synthpop record – albeit a very good one – with sharp, tight arrangements and eloquent lyrics. Diving into the lyric sheet cracks the shiny veneer, revealing an unexpected darkness, as Lynn peels off his skin, to share his shredded nerves and modern-day anxieties, delving into the seamy, sleazy side of life, while sounding like a Threepenny Opera. The melodicism and catchy arrangements – like the toppling piano chords and pots-and-pans percussion of ‘Go There When You Want To Be Loved’ – are a perfect microcosm of what makes this album so exceptional, so unique, so palatable. Lynn laces the abyss with a wheelbarrow full of sugary Indie Pop.”

In February of 2017, Disarm Magazine named ADIEU. one of the 10 “Best Albums of 2016” and published a long review of the album, stating “Logan Lynn’s double album is the defiant, insistent & powerful work of a years’ long incubating process, a thoughtful self-interrogation that pulls light out of darkness and healing out of grief, addiction and pain with subtlety, nuance, humor, and lively melodies.” In March of 2017, Lynn appeared on an hour-long episode of Jay Mohr’s Mohr Stories podcast. Lynn and Mohr discussed music, addiction recovery, overcoming childhood trauma, and mental health at length, as well as a forthcoming Lynn album that was inspired by Mohr.

Logan Lynn - Adieu - Album Artwork (Back Cover) by Ian Ophelan (2016)


With ADIEU, Logan Lynn puts melody to his own mental health crisis and takes us with him on an unflinching journey inward. ADIEU is a leap into an abyss that most of us, including Lynn previously, spend our lives trying our best not to have to look at. There are no metaphors here; just dirty, honest and, at times, difficult truth.

In the album’s liner notes, Lynn writes “ADIEU is about saying goodbye to love. It is also, at times, about my not wanting to live…or not knowing how to move through this traumatic experience we all call ‘living’. It is about overcoming heartache; about resilience in the face of grief and suffering; and about love being stronger than anything else.”

Musically, ADIEU is a departure for Logan Lynn, with he and his longtime collaborator Gino Mari abandoning the electronic dance vehicle Lynn has made a name for himself by way of over the past 2 decades, landing them both squarely in a mix of rock, pop, punk and deep 90s vibes. Citing musical influences that range from Liz Phair, David Bowie, Elliott Smith, The Ocean BlueKathleen Hannah, The Sundays, R.E.M. and Innocence Mission to modern references like Whitey, Chvrches, Logan’s friends Chromatics, Portland Punk Icon Beth Ditto, and former labelmates and mentors The Dandy Warhols, both Lynn and Mari sound right at home in this space.

Over the course of the record’s 15 tracks, Lynn is our guide through very personal trauma, profound loss, his own persistent suicidal ideation and mental health struggle, and out the other side into a place of resilience, recovery, hope and love…or Hell, as it were.

Logan Lynn’s reclaiming of eternal Hellfire and damnation on ADIEU‘s final cut “Oh, Lucifer is a brutal roasting of the religious fundamentalist cult he escaped as a young person and a grandiose middle finger to all of the insufferable anti-gay bigots he has encountered in the years since.  By the time Lynn sings the lyrics “Remember, my dears that if we don’t sin then Jesus died for fucking nothing” and a demon voice begins to growl “Faggots should be burned”, it’s clear that this song — and album, for that matter – are not at all what they may have seemed.

Lynn’s 8th record ADIEU releases on his 8th year clean from a very well-documented 16 year addiction to cocaine, crack cocaine and alcohol that nearly took his life in 2008. Logan is no stranger to themes of addiction and mental health challenges in his music and he is the brainchild behind the successful “Keep Oregon Well” campaign to fight stigma through the arts. Since its inception, Logan Lynn has partnered on the #KeepOregonWell Concert and Event Series with Bleachers, Kevin Bacon, Sia, Band of Horses, The Dandy Warhols, Kanye West, Of Monsters And Men, Pete Yorn, Charli XCX, Walk Off The Earth, Britney Spears, U2, Kurt Vile, Flo Rida, Priory, Ariana Grande, Radical Face, Michael Franti, Tori Kelly, WET, Josh Ritter, David Gray, Cheryl Strayed, Matt Nathanson, Collective Soul, Blitzen Trapper, The 1975, Violent Femmes, Beirut, Graham Nash, EL VY, Tegan and Sara, Ra Ra Riot, Lissie, Blind Pilot, Charles Bradley, Third Eye Blind, Dar Williams, Cage The Elephant, Jason Isbell, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, JoJo, Twenty-One Pilots, Debbie Gibson, Kyle Craft, CJ McCollum & Portland Trail Blazers, Phillip Phillips, X Ambassadors, Florida Georgia Line, Vintage Trouble, Backstreet Boys, The Heavy, Brian Fallon, Tears For Fears, Usher, Nada Surf, Sam Hunt, Panic! At The Disco, The Chainsmokers, Sting, Jay Mohr, Billy Idol, Miley Cyrus, Mike Doughty and hundreds of other bands, authors, performers and artists committed to raising awareness about mental health and fighting stigma through the arts.

In 2017 Lynn released a documentary film titled Lead With Love, about his controversial Inter-Community Dialogue Project with the conservative evangelical Mars Hill Megachurch. Later that year he starred in “Last Meal“, a new horror-comedy TV series from Two Penguins Productions and the writers of “Search Party” on TBS, and received the prestigious Award of Excellence from the National Council for Behavioral Health for his advocacy work in music, TV, film and community.


River Rocks Thrown Through Mars Hill Church WIndown (Lead With Love Documentary by Logan Lynn) 2014

What happens when an out, gay musician befriends an anti-gay church leader?

Notoriously anti-gay conservative evangelical megachurch Mars Hill landed in Portland, Oregon in 2011.  The public reacted swiftly in protest of the arrival of these unwelcome ideals and the media picked up the story of their purchase of “the castle” immediately.

When local musician and LGBTQ activist Logan Lynn, who was working as the spokesperson and publicist for Portland’s Q Center at the time, was quoted in The Oregonian as saying he would “extend an olive branch“ and “be respectful of them and try to make friends“ – and then he proceeded to do just that — all hell broke loose in the media, as well as in the community.

From broken windows to broken hearts, through death threats and violence, this is the true story of what can happen when sworn enemies set aside their differences and get to know one another as people.

“People have been telling the story of what happened between me and Mars Hill Church completely wrong for years,” Lynn says about the controversial inter-community dialogue project, which he created. “I gave up correcting strangers and the media half a decade ago, but I also made this documentary as it was all happening so that the truth could someday be told. That someday is now.”

After the final scenes of Logan Lynn’s Lead With Love documentary were shot, the controversial founder and leader of the church, Mark Driscoll, resigned and all of the Mars Hill Church congregations were dissolved across the nation. The film was shot between 2011 and 2014 and was released January 31st, 2017.

Watch the full movie HERE, or press play below.



Released in April 2017, Last Meal is a six-episode web series that explores the deadly dinner parties of Aaron & Jessica Grimmer.

Series Synopsis: Aaron, the son of the Grim Reaper, has recently taken over the family business after his father’s retirement. With the support of Jessica, his fashion-forward, emotionally quirky spouse, Aaron infuses his father’s more traditional fatal approach with a little class and pizzazz by inviting his famous victims…ermm, “guests”…to elaborate dinner parties at their residence at Blackberry Castle. Assisted by their loyal butler, personal chef, and resident mixologist, the Grimmers honor their unsuspecting guests with food, drink, and heartfelt conversation before creatively – if not always painlessly – helping them meet their fate. Last Meal riffs off the popularity of celebrity interviews and cooking shows, while presenting the content in a quirky, comedic indie style.

Cast includes musician, television personality and mental health advocate Logan Lynn (Logo TV’s NewNowNext, Keep Oregon Well, Metal Health Matters), comedian/actress Sabrina Jalees (Transparent, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, MTV Showcase), musician Brent Knopf (El Vy, Menomena, Ramona Falls), graphic novelist Nicole J. Georges (Calling Dr. Laura, Invincible Summer), Portland indie rock royalty Hutch Harris (The Thermals) and pet photography mogul Carli Davidson (Shake Dogs) and more.

Watch Logan Lynn on Season 1 of Last Meal now at www.LastMealSeries.com

About “My Movie Star”


About “My Movie Star”

His 9th studio album, titled My Movie Star, was released in 2018 as a 2-disc set, alongside an album of all the songs reimagined by The Dandy Warhols, Tiffany (“I Think We’re Alone Now”), Jarryd James, Rian Lewis (Gorillaz, Chromeo), DoublePlusGood, Stose and many more of Logan’s favorite bands, artists and musical heroes. The album was a collaboration with T-Pain muse GLASYS and featured just Lynn and a grand piano. My Movie Star was produced by Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr (Saturday Night Live, Jerry Maguire, Mohr Stories). Self-Titled Magazine called it “his most intimate work yet…so spare and spellbinding it threatens to stop time entirely.”

In 2017 Lynn released a documentary film titled Lead With Love, about his controversial Inter-Community Dialogue Project with the conservative evangelical Mars Hill Megachurch. Later that year he starred in Last Meal, a horror-comedy TV series from Two Penguins Productions and the writers of Search Party on TBS.

Logan received the prestigious 2017 Award of Excellence from the National Council for Behavioral Health for his advocacy work in music, TV, film and community, and for founding the Keep Oregon Well campaign to fight the stigma of mental illness. In 2018 Kink FM named him one of The Portland 50, honoring the people who “dreamt, built and championed the innovation, growth and uniqueness of Portland”.

About Working with Portugal. The Man (2018-Present)

In 2018 Alternative Rockers Portugal. The Man partnered with Logan Lynn on infusing advocacy into their summer tourengaging the crowds around music and mental health at each sold-out show. The following year it was announced that Lynn had officially joined the Portugal. The Man team in the role of PTM Foundation Director to help build and launch the band’s charitable foundation.

About “EastSiders TV” and “Unpeeled” (2019-2020)

In 2019 Belgian Producer and Glitch Pop Godfather Styrofoam and Logan Lynn released a brand new track titled Name Your Trouble. The duo wrote the song together for the series finale of EastSiders TV on Netflix, one of five songs featuring Logan Lynn on the EastSiders Season 4 Soundtrack. That same month, Lynn announced that he had signed to Banana Stand Records. The label released his first live EP titled Unpeeled, on January 31st, 2020.

Logan Lynn Photo by Adrian Sotomayor Photography (July 2013)

— Commercial Spots, TV and Film —

“Feeble In Fuchsia” Motion Picture Soundtrack
Filmmaker Mark Jerako used Lynn’s “Show Me The World” on the official soundtrack for his feature-length film “Feeble In Fuchsia”, about the life and times of a character named “Precious Hottest She-Male”. The film, and music video for the song, starred Brendon M. of Portland drag terrorist group Sissyboy.

Mutiny Bikes / ESPN
In 2011 Mutiny Bikes used Logan Lynn’s “Velocity”[92] for their “Battle Los Angeles” special on ESPN.

Airplanes and Blazers
Las Vegas’ Airplanes and Blazers used Logan Lynn’s “Feed Me To The Wolves” for their 2011 promotional TV spots.

Jordi Tixier Motocross
Lynn’s “Hologram” was used in “One Day With Jordi Tixier”, a 2013 short-film featuring French motocross star Jordi Tixier.

Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta and Envision Studio[96] used Logan Lynn’s “Turn Me Out” for their Spring/Summer 2013 Men’s Collection campaign.

Nicole Miller
The fashion house of Nicole Miller and Envision Studio used Lynn’s “The Last High (Y-Tron Remix)” for their Spring 2013 campaign.

The makeup powerhouse used Logan Lynn’s “Turn Me Out” for their TV ad which premiered at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Queer Music Summer Tour 2013 Logan Lynn

— Editorial Work —

In 2010, Logan Lynn founded QBlog, the official blogspace of Q Center in Portland. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of QBlog since its creation and had interviewed Margaret Cho, Jian Ghomeshi, Dan Savage, Janis Ian, Jinkx Monsoon, Big Dipper, Shane Bitney Crone, Dana Goldberg, Tina & Her Pony,Buck Angel and many others for the site’s Queer Voices program.

The Huffington Post
In January 2012, Lynn began writing a weekly column for The Huffington Post and has published articles for HuffPost Gay Voices, HuffPost Green, HuffPost Healthy Living, and HuffPost Entertainment. Lynn has interviewed James Franco, Peaches, Mink Stole, Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, Sleater-Kinney), Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols), Calvin Johnson (K Records), SSION, Bruce LaBruce, Ruth Radelet from Chromatics, Matt Alber, Daniela Sea, Danny Roberts (The Real World), Matthew Zink, Travis Matthews, Holcombe Waller, Jackie Beat, Willam Belli, Will Schwartz, Patty Schemel, Philip Tetro, Ian Harvie, Christopher G. Ciccone, PJ DeBoy, Daniel Nardicio, Mario Diaz, Lady Rizo, Fred Schneider of the B-52’s, Chris March (Project Runway), Katastrophe, Buck Angel, Magic Mouth, Hunx and His Punx, Kaia Wilson, Girl in a Coma, Christeene, Jimi Biron, Slava Mogutin, Scott Matthews, KOORTWAH, Jon Garcia, Night Cadet, Larry Kennar, Darryl Stephens, Matthew S. Herrick, Noah Daniel Wood, and many others for the site.

Just Out Magazine
Logan Lynn had a monthly column called “In The Trenches” in Portland’s Just Out Magazine during its final incarnation, before closing its doors in 2013. Additionally, Logan wrote the cover story for the first issue of Just Out when it was re-launched as a glossy magazine in 2012 and interviewed New York City drag performance artist Joey Arias and Texas Queer Hip-Hop duo God-Des & She for the magazine.

The Portland Mercury
Lynn was a frequent contributor to The Portland Mercury in Portland, Oregon between 2011 and 2016, both in-print and online. In 2012 he penned an article about how LGBTQ people can protect their nuptials in a state which, at the time, did not legally recognize same-sex marriages as well as a piece about where to get “gay married” in Oregon. In 2013 he interviewed Chicago Bear Rapper Big Dipper for the paper, wrote an exposé on the history of homophobia in the state of Oregon and curated the Top 10 Pride Event Picks for the paper’s annual queer issue 3 years in a row.

Lynn has been a contributor for Moviefone since 2012 and interviewed Academy Award Nominated Director Chris Butler (ParaNorman) during awards season in 2012.

Logan Lynn by Corey Smith

— Discography —

Studio albums
This Is Folk Techno/Pull The Plug (1998)
GLEE (2000)
Logan Lynn (2006)
From Pillar To Post (2009)
I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday (2010)
Blood In The Water (2011)
Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks (2012)
ADIEU. (2016)
My Movie Star (Expected: 2018)

Clean & Stupid EP (2007)
Feed Me To The Wolves EP (2007)
Blood In The Water Vol. 1-4 – Limited Edition EP Collection (2009)
Everything You Touch Turns To Gold Acoustic EP (2012)
Turn Me Out Remix EP (2012)
Dance Alone Remix EP (2013)

The Last High (Dandy Warhols Cover) (2010)
Turn Me Out (2012)
Do You Want Me Or Not? (2012)
We Can’t Stop (Miley Cyrus Cover) (2013)
The One (2016)
Go There When You Want To Be Loved (2016)

Compilation Records
Live From Nowhere Near You Volume 2 (2011)
Comp 175 (2012)
AB//XO Volume 1 (2013)
PDX Pop Now! Compilation (2017)

Live Recordings
Live From Seattle (2013) – Limited Edition: OUT OF PRINT