PRESS: 2015

Logan Lynn by Adrian Sotomayor 2014

November 2015

-Featured Article in The Huffington Post: “Grey Tickles, Black Pressure and Bright Light: An Interview With John Grant and Rod Thomas

October 2015

-Featured Article in The Huffington Post: “Dreaming Beyond Themselves: Oregon Alt-Pop Band My Brothers And I Just Want To Make You Smile

-Featured Article in The Huffington Post: “I Mean Something: The Latest Chapter in The Teaches of Peaches

September 2015

-Logan Lynn interview featured on Kink FM

August 2015

-Logan Lynn’s “Turn Me Out” Featured in COVERGIRL TV Ads which premiered at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

June 2015

-Featured Article in The Portland Mercury: “It’s Hard Out Here for a B

-Featured Article in The Portland Mercury: “Top 10 Portland Pride Picks 2015

-Featured Article in The Portland Mercury: “Your Pride 2015 Event Guide”

-Featured on Kink FM Radio – Kink FM Morning Show with Sheila and James

May 2015

-Logan Lynn interviewed on KINK FM Radio for Sheila Hamilton’s “Speaking Freely” talk show

April 2015

-Logan Lynn and Dr. Chris Donaghue from Logo TV LIVE in Portland at Alberta Rose Theater, featured on Hazelden’s website

-Logan Lynn’s “Break Me Down” video created by Dandy Jon and featured at several online outlets

March 2015

-Feature story on The Huffington Post: “Strained Intimacy and Fiery Stank: Austin ‘Drag Terrorist’ Christeene Releases New Single and Video (NSFW)

February 2015

-Featured in The Post alongside Sam Smith and Kanye West

-Featured in Halstead Gazette (UK) alongside Paris Hilton and Steve Martin

-Logan Lynn Interview in February issue of Bear World Magazine

-Feature story on The Huffington Post: “Sweet Ophelia – An Interview with Musician Zella Day

January 2015

-Feature story and interview in Loud and Proud Entertainment Magazine






Rich and Beautiful

2020 - Single

© Sony ATV / Logan Lynn Music

Unpeeled (LIVE)

2020 - Acoustic EP

© Banana Stand Records

Name Your Trouble

2019 - Single

© Netflix / Logan Lynn Music

My Movie Star

2018 - Double LP

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2016 - LP

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  Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks

2012 - LP

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  I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday

2010 - LP

© Logan Lynn Music

  From Pillar To Post

2009 - LP

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