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Queer icons and experimental music pioneers Xiu Xiu remixed “Rich and Beautiful” and it’s out on Kill Rock Stars on September 7th!

Pre-save now.

Just wrapped another video for my new record with Kill Rock Stars.

I’m coach and this is a sports post. Drop and give me 20 or I’ll scream.


Release week vibes at home.

Thanks to Alessandro Michele and my friends at Gucci and Gucci Portland for helping me celebrate.

Love y’all.💚❤️

I wanna be rich and beautiful.



Hello I have become one of these very happy people I used to read about in books. I know the timing is weird.

Anyway, I probably love you and will say yes if the ring is right.


Am I not your pop girl?

Put this up your butt and call me in the morning:


💰Kill Rock Stars // #PDXmusic

Why have something once when you can have it twice?

The new version of Rich and Beautiful came out yesterday and everything has been shiny gay sparkles ever since.

🎥 https://youtu.be/s45GDlEZpWc

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🩸🖼 Kill Rock Stars // Gucci

Rich and Beautiful is out now on Kill Rock Stars!

Watch the new video, stream the single, and smash that download button now. Love you all.

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Release week lewks. Tiffany pearls go with everything. 🖤

Kill Rock Stars // LoganLynn.gay

Next week: 8.18.21

🎥 “Rich and Beautiful” 2

Kill Rock Stars // Gucci