LOGAN LYNN // NEW MONEY \\ 1.21.22


Hello from the deck on my roof in Portland.

The sun came out and I am gay. Also my new record comes out at midnight!

Thanks to #AlessandroMichele and my friends at Gucci for dressing me for release week. 💚❤️

1 more day.


“Is There Anyone Else Like This In The World?” Music Video on BroadwayWorld


Watch the video for “Is There Anyone Else Like This In The World?” — out today on Kill Rock Stars!

New Money comes out Friday: www.LoganLynn.gay

2 days.


The video for “Is There Anyone Else Like This In The World?” comes out TOMORROW on Kill Rock Stars!

Full album is out Friday. 🖤

Gucci // #NewMoney

3 days.


4 days.


5 days.


Yeah the world is ending but Gucci is dressing me for release week again so I guess it’s fine.

I am not playing any shows until it’s safe, friends. We made another music video instead of doing any live album release stuff (for now). It comes out Friday alongside the record on Kill Rock Stars!

Fingers crossed for March shows. Hoping we get to see you in real life again this spring.


(White and gold mask eyewear with blood drip + crystal teardrop and “Sine Amore Nihil” wool GUCCY logo sweater by Alessandro Michele for Gucci)

New Money is coming.


New Money pre-orders are shipping!

New Money pre-orders are shipping out from Kill Rock Stars as we speak, and then the album is headed to record stores everywhere from there.

Thank you to Slim Moon and the whole label team for making my dreams come true. Big thanks also to Gino Mari, Stephan Hawkes, Redeye, The Planetary Group, Painfully Optimistic, Terrorbird Media, Girlie Action, Silver PR, Alessandro Michele and the team from Gucci, Xiu Xiu, Plack Blague, Medium Build, JD Samson, Bright Light Bright Light, MAN ON MAN, and everyone else who helped us bring this thing to life.

I’m so excited for you to hear this one, friends. Snag a copy from Kill Rock Stars now at www.LoganLynn.gay or pick up a copy from your favorite record store when it’s out! 🏳️‍🌈


7 days.


8 days.


New Money in 9 more days.

Pre-order on LP or CD from your favorite record store or grab the limited edition vinyl from Kill Rock Stars at www.LoganLynn.gay








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