Logan Lynn and Rian Lewis’ Collaboration “Underground” Named One of 2018’s Top Ten Songs by Portland’s QL Radio

Thank you to Portland’s QL Radio and their “Not Weird. QUEER!” show for playing my collaboration with Rian Lewis in heavy rotation all year. And even bigger thanks to the listeners for voting our track as the #5 song on the show’s Top 10 Songs of 2018 Countdown! We love you.

Listen to the special countdown episode HERE, and check out the full list below the video.

QL Radio 2018 Top 10 Songs

10. Daughter – Ryan Cassata
9. Alive – Rachael Sage
8. Best Day Ever – Levi Kreis
7. Lessons from Home Plate – Tret Fure
6. Walk the Earth – Fanny Walked The Earth
5. Underground (Rian Lewis remix) – Logan Lynn
4. I Believe Her – Emma’s Revolution
3. We Are Weeds – Lars von Keitz
2. Put On Your Stars – Namoli Brennet
1. Cusp – The Villaineers

Logan Lynn, Colbie Caillat and Others Talk Favorite Costumes with Myspace for Halloween 2016


Colbie Caillat and I chatted with Myspace about Halloween costumes when we were kids alongside a handful of other “Myspace Favorite Artists” this week.

Skip right to my part of the interview on the Myspace homepage today HERE or read the whole piece from the beginning by clicking the image below!







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