Whoa. 2019.

For a year that included me having to fight multiple tech companies in and out of the press for protecting trolls and profiting off of abuse, a full blown RV manufacturing scandal and international media tour that I inexplicably found myself at the center of as a RoadTrek owner, and a major integration back into society after 9 months of off-grid misadventuring at the beach, I love that my 2019 still somehow managed to be all about pop stars, very pretty clothes, building rad shit with my favorite people, responding to hate by going punk on systems change, having my songs somehow make their way into the mainstream, signing to a new label, and the beauty of nature in spite of it all.

If you’re reading this, fuck yes. I love you. Thanks for being here. 🖤

Logan Lynn Interviewed on Canadian Broadcast Television for CTV News Story on Erwin Hymer RoadTrek Scandal

I was interviewed by CTV News today in Canada for this story about this international RoadTrek / HYMER / Thor Motor Coach scandal I have somehow found myself at the epicenter of.

Watch on CTV Kitchener by clicking on the screenshot below.

Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr Featured on Brazil’s Observatorio G

Haaaaayyyy again, Brazil!

Check us out on Observatorio G HERE, or keep reading below for the full transcript.

From Observatorio G: (9/13/18)

Jay Mohr aparece peladão em clipe do cantor gay Logan Lynn

Jay Mohr

O ator Jay Mohr que ficou famoso por atuar em produções de sucesso, como a série “Ghost Whisperer” (2006-2008) foi o convidado especial para estrelar o novo clipe do cantor gay Logan Lynn.

Na produção audiovisual para a canção “Nothing’s Ever Wrong”, todo em preto e branco, Mohr aparece do jeitinho que veio ao mundo, completamente pelado.

O vídeo, por conta do conteúdo explícito, foi produzido e divulgado em duas versões: uma primeira com cortes e outra sem censura.

Assista abaixo a versão completa.







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