LOGAN LYNN // NEW MONEY \\ 1.21.22


Release week lewks. Tiffany pearls go with everything. 🖤

Kill Rock Stars // LoganLynn.gay

Next week: 8.18.21

🎥 “Rich and Beautiful” 2

Kill Rock Stars // Gucci

It’s hot and I’m slowly stripping naked in the vocal booth so I don’t fall over while I sing.

Thinking about putting cameras in here and starting an OnlyFans where you pay to watch me complain and peel layers of Gucci off my hairy, sticky body in between takes.

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #PDXmusic

Tonight I went to a barbecue in head-to-toe Gucci Epilogue by Alessandro Michele and ate veggie dogs on pretzel buns with rock legends whose posters used to hang on my wall as a teenager.

This is very relatable content!


📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

I’m on vacation for the first time since last year and have decided just to lay here and watch ASMR videos of Turkish barbers giving chiropractic adjustments and whispering to each other until July 12th.

Life is short. Waste every single moment while you still can.🖤

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #GucciLiberty

Shirtless and gay for Tiffany & Co.

My work here is done. 💎

📸 Kodak Gold 200, 2021 // #TiffanyHardwear

We had a very important business meeting where my entire team discussed the importance of necklace length for hours and hours and it ended with me having to change my clothes like 5 times in front of several total strangers.

Anyway, happy Monday. I’m gay and relatable. 🖤

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // Gucci, Tiffany & Co.

I have been waiting for this day for such a long time. 🖤


The bar is low for the social media industry; Top platforms are unsafe for LGBTQ community, new report says.

According to GLAAD’s first Social Media Index report released Monday, the platforms have a ‘circuit breaker’ to slow down the harassment, bullying, and misinformation and discrimination, but they don’t want to do it because they are monetizing off of it, making the “entire sector effectively unsafe” for LGBTQ users and other marginalized communities.

Logan Lynn, an LGBTQ singer and musician, who has been harassed and bullied online, most notably for his provocative short film that accompanied his double album in 2019, believes GLAAD’s report is like an all-hands-on-deck call to arms that puts the platforms on notice.

“To have us all link arms and say ‘enough’ is long past due,” said Lynn, “I’m super moved that it’s going to happen.”

Full story here.

#Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Sine Amore Nihil (Nothing Without Love).

#GucciBeloved // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Some of you have never accidentally fallen in love with a deeply problematic celebrity in real life and it shows.

#GucciEpilogue // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Finally found a vaccine appointment! I haven’t wanted a needle in my arm this badly since 1998.

#Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Those are not my fingers.

📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021 // #TiffanyHardwear

Fuck around and find out. 💋










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