Doing End-of-Year Press This Week…

Doing a bit of year-end press this week from home (again? still?) and thinking about the past 9 months in here with just me and the baby dog.

Feeling especially grateful for Portugal. The Man, DotGay, Gino Mari and all of my partners and collaborators. We pulled off so much rad stuff in spite of every possible odd this year and I love you all.

Thanks for believing. 🖤

(Pearl Earrings, Black Leather #Gucci Logo Cap, Embroidered GG Monogram Polo and Canvas GG Monogram Pants by #AlessandroMichele for Gucci // Sterling Silver #TiffanyHardwear Choker by Tiffany & Co.)

Lockdown Runway Returns…

Everything is terrible but I love you so whatever.


(Black Wool Hat with Web, Fake/Not Sneakers and Cape, Gucci Logo T-Shirt and Straight Leg Jeans with Web by Alessandro Michele for Gucci, 80” Ziegfeld Pearls and 32” Tiffany Hardwear Necklace by Tiffany & Co.)


Logan Lynn Interview in Winter Issue of PoMo Magazine – On Stands Now!

Check me out in this month’s print issue of Portland Monthly, chatting about all things DotGay and “The Library” — on stands now! 💚❤️

Click HERE for the online version.

(#Gucci Disc Print T-Shirt, Wool Cap, Eyewear, and Canvas GG Monogram Pants by #AlessandroMichele for Gucci // #TiffanyHardwear Wrap Necklace by Tiffany & Co.)






Rich and Beautiful

2020 - Single

© Sony ATV / Logan Lynn Music

Unpeeled (LIVE)

2020 - Acoustic EP

© Banana Stand Records

Name Your Trouble

2019 - Single

© Netflix / Logan Lynn Music

My Movie Star

2018 - Double LP

© Logan Lynn Music / Mohr Media


2016 - LP

© Logan Lynn Music

  Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks

2012 - LP

© Logan Lynn Music

  I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday

2010 - LP

© Logan Lynn Music

  From Pillar To Post

2009 - LP

© Caroline Records / EMI / Beat The World