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New interview out today in Starry Constellation Magazine.💚❤️

Read it online here.

Black leather eyewear on a Wednesday because homosexuality.


Out Magazine’s 300th Issue

“This year we all had the opportunity to give up or move forward, and most of us probably did at least a little of both. I have been surviving the pandemic through music, fashion, art, rescue doggos, and just showing up for the communities I care about and belong to. I’m grateful to still be here and feel very clear about who and how I am trying to be in this new world. My reaction to the endless suffering happening around me and across the globe this past year was to lean all the way into gay joy, any way I could. Everything I create now is rooted in this unwavering belief that we will all come back together someday, to dance and hug and kiss and fuck and eat at restaurants and go to shows and see our families and shop in stores and travel and get the mail without worrying about dying and just have fun, like we used to. I spent so many years — decades, actually — unhappy in my own life. I just absolutely refuse the darkness now.” – Logan Lynn

(Full quote for Out Magazine, November 2021 issue)

“It’s Hard to Dance When It’s Cold and There’s No Music: Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album, Vol. 2” comes out December 10th

…but you can stream the first single and watch the video for my Christmas mess now!

Watch: https://youtu.be/-tkvNb-5LNk

Listen: https://pocp.co/its-christmas

New interview out today in Mundane Magazine.


Win a Limited Edition Signed Polaroid Set when you Pre-Order New Money from Kill Rock Stars

Leading up to the release of my debut album for Kill Rock Stars, New Money, I documented the creation of the record and all of the music videos with a Polaroid camera.

To commemorate the process, as well as to help celebrate Kill Rock Stars’ 30th anniversary, I put together 91 sets of Polaroids (for 1991, when the label first launched), each containing an assortment of behind the scenes shots from the album cycle. Many of these have been shared on my social media, but many have never been seen. There are over 600 shots in all. 


Additionally, I worked with Polaroid Lab to create 30 large framed sets in two sizes (17” and 12”), each reinterpreting the New Money cover art. These come numbered and signed and there are 30 total, for 30 years of KRS. All sets were hand assembled and framed by me, and no two sets are alike. (These are all pictured in the main image of this post above) 


Everyone who preorders the album directly from Kill Rock Stars before January 1st, 2022 will be automatically entered to receive a framed Polaroid set or Polaroid pack. 

Each small set contains multiple shots, and comes numbered in a New Money silver glam pouch. Each large framed piece comes signed and numbered in a ‘New Money’ gold glam pouch. 



I joined Noise for Now’s OUR BODIES DESERVE RESPECT campaign

Proud to be partnering with NOISE FOR NOW on the OUR BODIES DESERVE RESPECT campaign for trans awareness.

2021 has seen a record-breaking number of anti-trans bills introduced in states across the US, making it the worst year on record for anti-trans legislation. It’s no coincidence that the same is true for anti-abortion legislation. This wave of oppressive bills seek to control people’s bodies.

The proceeds from the sales of this t-shirt I’m wearing by Xavier Schipani will support Texas Health Action’s Kind Clinic, which serves LGBTQ+ communities with locations across Texas at no-cost for all services, and will also support Independent Abortion Clinics with trans-centered programs throughout the US via Abortion Care Network’s Keep Our Clinics.

Purchase a tee at www.noisefornow.org/shop

This week has been very fun.

Really appreciate all the love.

It’s such an honor to be recognized as one of this year’s #Out100 alongside Billy Eichner, Justin Tranter, Demi Lovato, Orville Peck, Elliot Page, Aubrey Plaza, Niecy Nash-Tucker, Carl Clemons-Hopkins, and so many of my faves!

Thank you to Alessandro Michele and the team at Gucci for dressing me again for this shoot. 💚❤️

Here’s the magic link.

Gucci Love Parade is Tonight!

Buckled in for the Gucci Love Parade tonight, November 2 – 8pm PT

Watch live here:

Portland fall in Technicolor.

I love this time of year.

Gucci // #Gucci100