// NEW MONEY \\ 1.27.22 // Kill Rock Stars \\


Here I am crouching behind a wall at my house after the hot doctor I live next to (and routinely hide from) said hello.

Sex is cool and fun. Also I am a completely normal person and my hiding from attractive men who smile at me proves that.

📸 #Polaroid #Duochrome 600 Film, 2021

CDC says you can spit in my mouth again but I think I would like to wait a little while longer.

#GGmulticolor Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

I was just interviewed by USA Today for a story that comes out next week. I got dressed in full Gucci day drag and then it ended up being a phoner so no one saw.

#GucciOuverture // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Started production on a new music video today and thought you should see a preview of some of my new pop girl moves before they debut so you can prepare your eyes.

#GucciEpilogue, Gucci // 📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021

New music coming next month. Take your pants off! 🖤

#Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

Honestly I was trying to make a peace sign.

#GucciBand, Gucci // 📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021

I dragged my plunging neckline into downtown Portland today for a fitting and got whistled at by a man in a parrot t-shirt.

10/10 would recommend.

#GucciBeloved, Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021