LOGAN LYNN // NEW MONEY \\ 1.21.22


Hello from the deck on my roof in Portland.

The sun came out and I am gay. Also my new record comes out at midnight!

Thanks to #AlessandroMichele and my friends at Gucci for dressing me for release week. 💚❤️

The video for “Is There Anyone Else Like This In The World?” comes out TOMORROW on Kill Rock Stars!

Full album is out Friday. 🖤

Gucci // #NewMoney

Yeah the world is ending but Gucci is dressing me for release week again so I guess it’s fine.

I am not playing any shows until it’s safe, friends. We made another music video instead of doing any live album release stuff (for now). It comes out Friday alongside the record on Kill Rock Stars!

Fingers crossed for March shows. Hoping we get to see you in real life again this spring.


(White and gold mask eyewear with blood drip + crystal teardrop and “Sine Amore Nihil” wool GUCCY logo sweater by Alessandro Michele for Gucci)

NYE is Gucci.

New Year’s Eve is canceled (again) so I’m wearing my new Gucci Aria jewels designed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci around the house to close out 2021 instead.

Music is mine.
Gucci seats reclined.


2021 by Gucci.

Had a knock on the door and it was a delivery from Alessandro Michele!

Inside the box was this Gucci mixtape-shaped hard drive full of 16G of music hand-selected by Alessandro and a card wishing me and my family a happy holiday that included a QR code which redirected me to a secret store to select a gift.

Happy holidays indeed! So cute, man. Big love to the whole team at Gucci. Thanks for a great year.


This week has been very fun.

Really appreciate all the love.

It’s such an honor to be recognized as one of this year’s #Out100 alongside Billy Eichner, Justin Tranter, Demi Lovato, Orville Peck, Elliot Page, Aubrey Plaza, Niecy Nash-Tucker, Carl Clemons-Hopkins, and so many of my faves!

Thank you to Alessandro Michele and the team at Gucci for dressing me again for this shoot. 💚❤️

Here’s the magic link.

Gucci Love Parade is Tonight!

Buckled in for the Gucci Love Parade tonight, November 2 – 8pm PT

Watch live here:

Not to get political or anything, but I got the booster shot and now I am gay. 🏳️‍🌈


Release day was cute.

Getting my booster shot tomorrow so I can make out with dudes. 💚❤️


Portland fall in Technicolor.

I love this time of year.

Gucci // #Gucci100

Hello fellow kids.

My new single and video, Here’s To Us, arrive October 28th on Kill Rock Stars. 🏳️‍🌈

Pre-save here.

Pre-order the record on CD or limited edition purple and pink swirl vinyl at www.LoganLynn.gay

Thanks for the birthday love, Gucci!

Celebrating Gucci’s centenary by eating all of the #Gucci100 chocolate they sent me (alongside an absolute haul of other stuff) for my birthday this week!

Happy birthday, Gucci. Shout-out to Alessandro Michele and the team at #GucciPortland for always making me feel special. Y’all are the best.


I don’t know what has happened to my personality but I really want to comment “Is it fake?” on every nature photo I see, and “Is that bad?” under every tragic news story I come across.

Is that bad?

Gucci // #GucciEpilogue #Gucci100

Someone called me a “Gender Traitor” on the internet yesterday and I have never felt more proud.

Definitely what I’m going for.








// MUSIC (1998-NOW)