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Old Portland Show Poster Roll Call

Just found a folder of old show posters from the tail end of the Old Portland heyday.

Raise your hand if you were at one of these! 🙌

WATCH: Feed Me To The W.T.F. (VIDEO)

I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since this single premiered on MTVLogoVH1 and a bunch of other channels, radio stations, and like…MySpace, I guess?

It was the first time I had ever been on network TV or signed to a major label, and so many people were projecting things onto me at the time, working to mold me, and trying to help fit me into the big game somewhere. Anyone who was tuned in to my nonsense back then will recall, I did not respond well.

“Feed Me To The Wolves” was my first big break, but at its core it’s a song about me trying to survive cocaine addiction, and this video is the last time I would ever be filmed coked out of my mind or drunk. The fact that it was so celebrated at the time — that I was so celebrated in that state of actively, messily, visibly spiraling towards imminent death — seems so curious to me now, over a decade into my recovery.

I was blowing through an 8 ball of coke and drinking at least a fifth of vodka every day, and I showed up to my big break accordingly. I spent $67,000.00 on cocaine in 2007 alone. I was terrible and mean and people thought it was hilarious and marketable.

The crazier I acted, the more folks wrote about me and booked me for shows; and the stranger things got on and off stage at those shows, the more people offered me TV gigs and would come to watch me spin out…but what so many people ended up watching was me canceling performances because I couldn’t remember my words, bailing on appearances at the last minute because my voice quit working (from smoking crack), having my nose begin to die and nearly fall off my face, several public, well-documented overdoses, and eventually (thankfully) disappearing into hospitals and rehabs, emerging well (ish) nearly two years later.

I wish I could go back in time and tell this sad dude to go get help before help is forced upon him in emergency rooms just 18 months later; To not worry about blowing his one shot by pausing the career clock because he ends up blowing his one shot in the end anyway; And that even that’s bullshit because there is no such thing as just one shot, in life or in music.

All that said, I am so grateful for this song, for the peculiar way it continues to find its way into the world all these years later, and how it has ultimately made so many things possible for me, my career, and my life.

Behold: The very last time I ever drank milk.





Logan Lynn (2010)

Today’s the big day, folks. After getting picked up for distribution by “Caroline Records“/”EMI” a few months back, my latest “Beat The World Records” release “From Pillar To Post” hits record store shelves all across North America TODAY!!!

Logan Lynn (2010)

You can also find it on Amazon, iTunes, and everywhere else music is sold online these days…but if you love me like I love you, go to your local record store today and pick up the CD!

Logan Lynn (2010)

Thanks so much for all your support, kids. I would be nowhere without all of you.



Logan Lynn (2010)

I just saw that Music Critic Mark Ziemke from “Ground Control” Magazine picked my
record as #3 in his Top 10 Records of 2009 list for said publication. They let all their writers pick their ten favorite releases from last year and I made his. So awesome. Check it out HERE or just below:

From “Ground Control” Magazine: (1/14/2010)

1. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Glass Note)
2. Lamb of God – Wrath (Sony)
3. Logan Lynn – From Pillar to Post (Beat the World)
4. Ola Podrida – Belly of the Lion (Western Vinyl)
5. The Prairie Cartel – Where Did All My People Go (n/a)
6. Silversun Pickups – Swoon (Dangerbird)
7. Ceu – Vagarosa (Six Degrees)
8. Red Fang – Red Fang (Sargent House)
9. Mars Volta – Octahedron (Warner)
10. Filthy Dukes – Fabric Live 48 (Fabric)

-Mark Ziemke, Writer, “Ground Control” Magazine

“Ah, what a year 2009 was for music. Read the rest of this entry »


Logan Lynn (2009)

More end of the year love. This time, from the “Audio Drums” Indie Music Blog from California. Guess who’s number 17 on their list of the “Top 25 of 2009”?

You can check the post out HERE but I’ve posted the full list below. Once again, in AMAZING company.

From “Audio Drums” (12/31/2009):

25. Pet Shop Boys
24. Tiga
23. David E. Sugar
22. Jessica Tonder
21. Dan Black
20. Groove Armada
19. Discovery
18. Passion Pit
17. Logan Lynn
16. Little Dragon
15. Annie
14. Royksopp
13. Hot Chip
12. GusGus
11. Annie
10. Depeche Mode
9. Discovery (Again)
8. Little Boots
7. Esser
6. Bat For Lashes
5. Mstrkrft
4. Basement Jaxx
3. Animal Collective
2. Bag Raiders
1. Miike Snow


DUDE, 2009: YOU SUCK, BRO!!!

Logan Lynn (2009)

OK, so…the title of this post is a bit dramatic and unfair. 2009 actually brought with it some really amazing things. My new record “From Pillar To Post” was released and was received better than my little brain could have imagined…First by the press, then by all of you guys. It’s been really great to finally get to share where I’ve been since 2007 with you after going into hiding shortly after I got signed with “Beat The World”. Thanks so much for listening, for helping to spread the word about my tunes, and for reminding me constantly why it is that I write songs in the first place.

On the flipside to all of this professional joy, the past year has been quite a journey for me personally. 2009 was the first year since 1994 where no Alcohol or Cocaine entered my body. Like…NONE. I got clean in the beginning of 2008, so it was tainted by a couple of months of freebasing and I didn’t quit drinking until December of ’08…but this year was clean, start to finish. I’m nearing the 2 year anniversary of my last journey to cracked-out partytown…I know for normal people that doesn’t seem like a very big deal, but for me and for anyone who has ever known or loved me, it’s noteworthy. I’m finally at a point with the getting well that it’s not such a constant struggle to function. All I really have to say about that is…FUCK YES!!! FINALLY!!!!!

At this point, I have torn down every part of my old life and am about to start over. After over 6 years of moving in one direction together, my partner and I split up in July and I’ve spent much of the past 6 months since just regrouping, catching my breath, mourning the loss of that companionship (and that of one of my dogs, Spike, who went to live with “other dad” when he left), and making a new plan. I made decisions this year that kicked me WAY out of my comfort zone and have left me feeling vulnerable and beyond frightened at times, but I’ve managed to navigate through and have finally hit the light at the end of the dark tunnel. I feel great sorrow for this loss in my life, and it is a neon example of how some things which I broke when I was high are just unfixable, no matter how hard anyone tries. I wish him nothing but the greatest happiness and hope the new year brings peace and healing for both of our sad, broken hearts.

That same week in July I went to stay with my Mom and Dad in the Oregon desert. We spent the first part of the week in a raw emotional state, talking out old festering wounds and repairing cracks in the foundation of our family unit that had been made long ago. We cried for the better part of the week, but managed to come back together at some point while I was there. That time with them is the most beautiful experience I’ve had in my life so far and things are forever changed as a result of those moments together.

I’ve made a lot of new friends this year and am really excited to be starting a new decade this week with all of you in tow. I feel light again, like things are clearing up. I am determined to bring my personal life up to speed with my professional life this year…gonna make some happy stuff happen!!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!!! See you on the 7th at Doug Fir in Portland! It’s gonna be a really good show. “Cars & Trains” and “The Gentry” rule the skool.



Logan Lynn (2009)

The “32 Feet Per Second” Music, MP3 & News Blog put out their picks for the “Top 50 Songs of 2009” this week and my new record, “From Pillar To Post” made the list in the #34 position. You can check it out HERE, or just below.

From “32 Feet Per Second” (12/22/2009)

“#34 — Logan Lynn: “Feed Me To The Wolves” — We heard a lot of glossy, synth pop/rock this year. Logan Lynn, a label-mate of The Dandy Warhols, managed to separate himself from the pack. “Feed Me To The Wolves” isn’t just a shimmering, urgent bit of post-Postal Service electro-pop. It builds into an architectural elevation with bright keyboards clashing with double-tap drums. The stakes are high as Lynn freely admits, “You can feed me to the wolves if I make one mistake.” He doesn’t specify who these predators are, but we can assume that anyone who spent time in the music industry knows, the wolves are always at the door.”

Nice one, right? WOOT!