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Insite Atlanta Entertainment Magazine Names Logan Lynn’s ADIEU One of the “Top 5 Albums of 2016”


Thanks to Insite Atlanta Entertainment Magazine for naming my new record ADIEU one of the “Top 5 Albums of 2016”! Click HERE to check it out, or keep reading below:

From Insite Atlanta Entertainment Magazine: (January 2017 Issue)

“Adieu is quite possibly Logan Lynn’s best album yet, as each song here builds on the next for an impressively cohesive set, ending in the brilliantly wry ‘Oh, Lucifer’. Despite a mix of up tempo indie pop and more introspective piano tracks they fit together beautifully. Lynn continues to impress eight records into his career.” Read the rest of this entry »


Logan Lynn (2009)

“Edge” Weekly Magazine reviewed my new record this week in Boston, San Francisco, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Fire Island, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia, Providence, Provincetown, & Washington D.C.!!! How’s that for some U.S. coverage, huh?


You can check out the review HERE, or read the highlights below.

From “Edge” Weekly:

“Logan Lynn has made quite a name for himself in the gay community, becoming somewhat of a staple in both Portland and San Francisco. Two albums later, he arrives with From Pillar to Post, and the whole effort can best be described as alternative rock meets techno pop…That may sound like an odd combination, but Lynn does manage to pull off the marriage quite well for the most part. “I will find a way to make you stay,” Logan desperately cries in “Feed me to the Wolves,” as he begs for a lover to ease the incredible pain a breakup is causing. In “Bottom Your way to the Top,” Lynn fights his way back from submission and begins to make sense of it all…”I can see where you want me to stay,” Logan sings in “Burning your Glory,” a pretty, passionate song about two people accepting that they belong together. Meanwhile, “Write It on My Left Arm” sounds like vulnerable, coffeehouse rock retooled especially for the club…Lynn is truly an interesting artist/songwriter and someone to keep an eye on in the future.”







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