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Our Gossip cover started making the rounds on Australian radio this week!

Listen on PBS 106.7FM Melbourne and online at the Firewater Radio show.

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FIRST LISTEN: Australian Pop King Jarryd James Covers Logan Lynn’s “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” (VIDEO)

The release week countdown is well underway and at this time on Friday “My Movie Star” will be out everywhere music is streamed, sold, or otherwise obtained!

Listen to Australian pop king Jarryd James’ beautiful cover of “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” (track 4, disc 2) below — then get your copy of the Deluxe Edition Double CD, Vinyl or Digital Download HERE.

LOOK: Keep Oregon Well with HUSKY at the Skype Live Studio (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

Keep Oregon Well with HUSKY at the Skype Live Studio Kink FM Logan Lynn
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Exclusive Logan Lynn Interview on Australian Pop Culture Blog Tabloid Junk! Read It Here.

Logan Lynn on Tabloid Junk June 2014

I was interviewed by Australian pop culture blog Tabloid Junk this past week. We talked about love ending, new songs beginning, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Read the original (and watch my new video) HERE, or read the transcript from our chat below.

From Tabloid Junk: (6/20/2014)

Interview with Logan Lynn: His Music, His Career, And THAT Miley Cover!

“Former Logo Network “NewNowNext Music” host, and musician Logan Lynn stopped by to chat with TabloidJunk about his career, his new music video, and that Miley Cyrus cover that earned him a million views on YouTube, and coverage in New York Magazine.

TabloidJunk: Congrats on the new video man, how would you describe it?

Logan: Thank you! I think Runn Shayo, the filmmaker who made it, did a really great job capturing the spirit of our live shows and what it was like to be on the road last summer with my band. Stylistically, the video is a trip.

TabloidJunk: Was the footage of things like planes, traffic, and people random, or was it to convey life going on as normal around you tho he’s “Radio silent”?

Logan: Not random, no. Is anything ever random in the world though, really? All of those scenes you are mentioning were a mixture of clips from tour and regular life. It’s meant to be a snapshot of a specific moment in time — just like my songs are.

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From Pillar To Post Artwork by Logan Lynn (2009)

For those of you not in Australia, you can either go to “Q Magazine” online here and download the latest (August 09) issue (My story is on pages 31 and 32) or you can check out the full transcript of my interview with Q Magazine’s Marc Porter just below:

MP: What is the inspiration behind your upcoming new album From Pillar To Post?

LL: Well, this record is basically a documentation of my journey from despair into wellness…the songs are about love and sadness and the struggle to stay alive and find truth in the midst of total chaos, addiction, loneliness…my music mirrors my life, and my life went through a major overhaul about halfway through the 2-year process of making “From Pillar To Post”, so it starts off desperate and ends hopeful. Ultimately, it’s about me letting go of the darkness that I had been encompassed by for so many years and allowing the light in, little bits at a time. I’m no good if I’m not totally honest about where I am when I’m writing, so as the clouds cleared in my life they also cleared in the songs. It’s about letting go, allowing myself to feel things as they are, and being brave about facing the feelings instead of cowering in the corner with a pile of cocaine and doing my best to escape them.
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From Pillar To Post Artwork by Logan Lynn (2009)

Pretty funny. I sound like I really love sweaters…because I do.


You can view the article which appears on Page 14 of this week’s “MCV” HERE or, if you live in Australia, get a real life copy!

Here’s the quote from FALL FASHION MUST-HAVE’S:


“At the beginning of this season I loaded up on Sexy Grandpa ‘Penguin’ Button-Up Cardigan Sweaters by Munsingwear. They’re warm and cute and I bought five of them for some reason. I probably need to work on impulse control, but for now I guess I am rich in sweaters. In this instance I bought reproductions of vintage styles, but I often come across the vintage ones as well while on adventures in second-hand shops. Penguins, baby! Hell yes! I’ll take five, please.”

ha ha ha