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Styrofoam x Logan Lynn: Name Your Trouble – OUT TODAY!

Frozen survivor of the cruelest fame, I called your name like a sinner.



Styrofoam X Logan Lynn: Name Your Trouble // Listen Now and Pre-Order Exclusively on Bandcamp // Wide Release 11.22.19

New single coming out next month. You can stream and pre-order Name Your Trouble now exclusively on Bandcamp HERE.

I got to work with Belgian Producer (and my forever Electropop hero) Styrofoam on this single, which we wrote together for the series finale of EastSiders TV on Netflix and will be featured in the final season of the show.

Wide release on 11.22.19 —- I still can’t believe any of this is real, but here we are. 🙂

Name Your Trouble comes out everywhere next month, but is streaming now below via the pre-order page if ya wanna give it a spin. Listen for it on EastSiders, too!

Back In The Studio…

Oops, I’m back in the studio, but this time with Belgian electronic pop producer Styrofoam, who I grew up listening to (and worshiping).

Don’t let that piano fool you. 💋

Logan Lynn Working On New Single With Indie Electropop Godfather Styrofoam

Logan Lynn in Studio with Styrofoam (2013)

I am so excited I can barely contain myself, so I’ve decided not to. The big news today is that I am home from tour and am preparing to get back in the studio to work on a new single with one of my all-time musical heroes (and Godfather of the indie electropop genre) Belgian Producer Arne Van Petegem (aka Styrofoam)!

He has worked with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie/The Postal Service), Mum, Jimmy Eat World and a handful of other super talented folks previously, so…I am really honored that he wrote a song for me and that we are finally going to work together on something original!

Pretty fun, right? I’ll be sure and let you know more as this unfolds, but HELL YES for now!


Watch Styrofoam’s “After Sunset” music video:


One of my favorite records of all time was made by Belgian one-man-band Styrofoam (aka Arne Van Petegem). I won’t tell you which one (because they are all good) and you should buy them all and then find your own favorites amongst them. I love every record this guy has ever put out but one of them changed my life (that’s a little over the top, actually…but you catch my drift.)

I realize this is a little bit creepy fanboy of me (ok, fine—it’s TOTALLY creepy fanboy of me) but he gave me a shout-out in this month’s issue of Mint Male Magazine that made me smile and I feel compelled to brag about it.

You can read the full interview with Arne HERE but pay close attention to question #4.

…and I quote:

Mint Male Magazine: What are your favorite songs you’ve remixed?

Styrofoam: There are so many it would do the others injustice to pick out just a single one. One of my favorite recent ones is the Logan Lynn remix. I’d never heard his stuff before he got in touch with me and then I went and listened to it and I was just so blown away.”


HA! Uhhh… Are. You. Kidding. Me??? This is totally fucking amazeballz.


Logan Lynn (2009)

Note: This remix is longer than the time allowed for by this particular video maker, so this clip is just the middle section of the song.

Remix by Styrofoam.

Appears on Logan Lynn: “Blood In The Water” Remix EP Collection, Volume 3 (2009 Beat The World Records).
Original appears on Logan Lynn: “From Pillar To Post” (2009 Beat The World Records).







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