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Standing in the Way of Control is on this year’s 1st Round Grammys Ballot!

First round voting opened for the GRAMMYs and our song from the Kill Rock Stars 30th Anniversary record is on the ballot!

If you are a voting member of the Recording Academy, we’re in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category and would love your vote. (Here is more on that.)

Thanks in advance for your consideration. 🏳️‍🌈

Behind The Record – Standing in the Way of Control

Join me and the Recording Academy in recognizing all of the music creators who work #BehindTheRecord — an initiative to give credit where credit is due.

It’s time to bring music credits back and celebrate writers and other creators who work behind the scenes.

Here’s a peek at everybody who made our Gossip cover happen for Kill Rock Stars’ 30th Anniversary record this year!

Our Gossip cover started making the rounds on Australian radio this week!

Listen on PBS 106.7FM Melbourne and online at the Firewater Radio show.

📸 Kodak Gold 200, 2021 // Kill Rock Stars


Hey London! Tune in to Velvet Sheep Radio tonight at 7pm (UK time) to hear your boi making pop sounds on the punk show.

The episode can also be streamed at Repeater Radio, wherever you are in the world.

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Oh hi Best Indie Music playlist!

Run it up over on Spotify, bbs.

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Yeah baby, it’s a heat wave — but we can still dance. 💋

Check out me and Bitch on Apple Music’s “New in Alternative” playlist HERE.

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #KRS30YRS #GucciEpilogue

New interview out today with me and Bitch!

Read it and weep at www.KRS.gay 💟

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #GucciEpilogue

Just me and Capital B and Elliott Smith and Nirvana and Bikini Kill and Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu and Erase Errata and Witchy Poo and Miranda July and Unwound and Courtney Love and Team Dresch and Melvins and Gravy Train and Stereo Total and Bratmobile and Sleater-Kinney and The Decemberists and Gossip and a few other bands you may have heard of.

Everything is completely normal. 🖤

Check out Backseat Mafia’s review of our Standing In The Way Of Control cover here.

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #KRS30YRS

Hello Spain! Check out the story about our Gossip cover for Kill Rock Stars in Mondo Sonoro Magazine, just published today.

Click HERE to check it out.✌️

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Standing in the Way of Control — OUT NOW!

I got to work with Bitch and Gino Mari on this cover of Beth Ditto’s “Standing in the Way of Control” for the Kill Rock Stars 30th anniversary compilation record — and it’s out today!

Illustrator Romulo Cerdan did all of the artwork for the single, and the video was animated by Gadyola.

Watch the video and subscribe to the comp at www.LoganLynn.gay 🏳️‍🌈