The reaction to my new record in the press has been really great so far. Lots of love from Europe again this time around! The latest installment is an interview I did with German Queer music and politics blog CATCH FIRE! They went live with it today alongside a free MP3 download of “Smoke Rings” (song 2 on “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday“). You can read it via their site HERE or just keep reading below for the full transcript.

From CATCH FIRE: (11/2/2010)

After going on US tour this summer, Logan Lynn, the winner of last year’s Queer Video Music Award, has announced in August that he would be taking an extended break from the music industry and leave “Beat The World Records”, a label founded and led by the Dandy Warhols. Instead he released his fourth record “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday”, the follow-up to “From Pillar To Post” independently in August, donating 100% of his profits to Portland’s Q Center where he is currently working. What led the songwriter to all these decisions and how they influenced his life he explains in an interview I did with him via email during the last two weeks. I also posted “Smoke Rings”, another track from “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” right below this introduction – the track is the perfect background music for the following text. A second free song from the album called “Things Are Looking Up” can be found in one of October’s Music Tickers.


Catch Fire:
What interests me first of all is the question if you’d consider your new album “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” a “conceptual album”. To me especially compared to the stuff you’ve done before it seems very consistent, as if the decision to do this kind of eighties-pop-influenced dance music may have been a very concious decision.

Logan Lynn: Yes, both the producer Bryan Cecil and I wanted to make a dance record. We had worked together on my cover of “The Last High” by The Dandy Warhols from January of this year. The idea of doing some vintage disco dancepop take on that song was deliberate and we wrote “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” at the same time so we were already planted in 80’s dance party mode. Obviously I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s and that comes out in what I listen to and what I create. Bryan wanted it to be authentic, like a time machine and I wanted it to sound like what I grew up imagining my records would sound like someday.

We ended up doing exactly that so it seemed like a perfect time to step away for awhile. The record is about me being totally disillusioned and leaving. Not sure if life imitated art or vice versa…but I’m much, MUCH happier ever since I did the whole career suicide bit in August. The overall concept was to have a big, spectacular going away party. “Fall Into New Arms” was chosen as the last track just in case it was literally the last song I ever put out. I’m not saying that it will be…but I could live with that.

Catch Fire: What exactly does “career suicide“ mean? What happend in August?

Logan Lynn: I spent the last 3 years signed to The Dandy Warhols owned and operated “Beat The World” records label and it ended up Read the rest of this entry »


Music Review Tuesday went really well for me and my new record yesterday on the “Part of my Evolution” music & pop culture blog from New York City. “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday” got 5 stars! — That’s 5 out of 5 possible, people. Count ’em. They also linked to Q Center which made me smile.


They had some really nice stuff to say about my Producer Bryan Cecil as well. Read what they think about it (and check out some super creepy Ray Gordon photos of me from this past Summer) by clicking HERE or keep reading below. There has been all sorts of love from the East Coast this week!

From “Part of my Evolution“: (10/19/2010)

“If there’s one thing Logan Lynn can do well, it’s saying a whole lot with few words and putting them into seriously addictive melodies. His latest album – and perhaps final album, I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday, is not only skillfully written and produced, it’s fun as fack! Probably not something you’d expect from reading the album title, but if you know Lynn’s work, this isn’t strange.

I’ve always appreciated Lynn’s fearless writing style. Somehow, that fearlessness really came to the forefront in this album. Bryan Cecil’s approach in production has a lot to do with it. While Lynn’s previous album, From Pillar To Post gave the impression that he was experiencing things in different places, I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday sounds like he’s home thinking about his day or week… or year. Maybe even making a few angry phone calls and leaving some straightforward voicemails.

All in all, I’d say I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday could well be one of my favorite albums of the year. Infectious melodies, 80’s-inspired synthy fun, and bold lyrical content. To top it off, all proceeds from this album will be used to benefit Portland’s Q Center. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you say goodbye to your fans.
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