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LOOK: Austin Stargayzer Festival Magic 2014 (PHOTOS)

Logan Lynn at Stargayzer Festival Austin (2014)

My band boys and I are flying home from Austin to Portland as I type this (airplane WI-FI is soooooo rad) and we are filled with all kinds of love and inspiration from this past weekend of performing and watching shows at Austin Stargayzer Festival. Huge thanks to Brett Hornsby, Tisha Sparks, Shane Terenzi and everyone else working the festival — You were all such a joy to work with and should feel so proud of this beautiful thing you created!

COUNT US IN FOR NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!! I’ll play for you kids anytime. That was a blast!

Extra big, filthy shout-outs to my darling CHRISTEENE for making me feel at home while we were in town, per her usual. Love her so much.

I’ve posted a few of the highlights from the weekend below, and there is video of our Sunday headliner performance en route as well (all thanks to filmmaker PJ Raval).

To check out the full 3 days of our adventure pix, click HERE for Day 1, HERE for Day 2, and HERE for Day 3. To learn more about how Stargayzer Festival came to be, read my interview with the creator on The Huffington Post HERE.

(Click Photos Below to View)

photo 1Crystal Ark 1ChristeeneTrust 1Backstage antics 5Big Dipper Double DuchessStargayzer CrowdBig Freedia 6Christeene and ChanticleerDrag QueensJD Samson and Light FiresMagic MouthLogan Lynn StargayzerAustra and Logan 2Carletta 3jd samson and hi fashionLogan and Christeene 2Double Duchess 3logan and peachesHoliday MountainLogan and Double Duchess 2Logan and CazwellXiu Xiu 2Rebecca and Logan 2


Logan Lynn (2010)

Well, it is Sunday, February 21st and my new video “The Last High” is making its World Broadcast Premier on Network Television tonight! Tune in to MTV’s “Logo” channel at Midnight to watch “NewNowNext” Music so you don’t miss the premier! The show repeats throughout the week, so set your DVR!!!

I’m in some REALLY good company on tonight’s show. Check out the playlist below.

“NewNowNext” Music (2/21/2010)

Passion Pit “Little Secrets” (Logo Premiere)
Dan Black featuring Kid Cudi “Symphonies” (Logo Premiere)
Charlotte Gainsbourg “Heaven Can Wait”
Julian Casablancas “11th Dimension” (Logo Premiere)
Neon Trees “Animal”
Spoon “Written In Reverse”
Voodoo Farm “Bangers and Cash” (Logo Premiere)
Logan Lynn “The Last High” (Broadcast Premiere)
Sick of Sarah “Paint Like That” (Broadcast Premiere)
Cazwell “Tonight” (Broadcast Premiere)

For those of you who don’t get “Logo”, you can watch tonight’s episode online HERE after it airs. The video can also be found on MTV, VH1, & Spike TV!!!

Oh, and thanks again to Director Rebecca Micciche & Bystander Productions for all your hard work on this new video! I love you guys.