LOGAN LYNN // NEW MONEY \\ 1.21.22


Plack Blague Remix is out now on Kill Rock Stars

Daddy party HERE.

Kill Rock Stars

Thanks, Radio Gays!

Shout-out to every single radio station that has been playing this insane FCC violation of a song on-air uncensored the past couple of weeks!

Y’all are brave and we see you.


Logan Lynn’s New Money Featured in Divine Magazine

Thank you for the feature about New Money, Divine Magazine! 💜

Read it here.

“Eat&Drink&Smoke&Shop&Fuck” Featured on Apple Music’s “New in Alternative” This Week!

Big thanks to Apple Music for including my new single on New in Alternative this week!


Kill Rock Stars // #NewInAlternative

“Eat&Drink&Smoke&Shop&Fuck” is out now!

New single and video out now. Smash all of the links below to make kitty smile.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/fzTUqlFPgi4

Stream the single: https://pocp.co/edssf

Pre-order the LP: www.LoganLynn.gay


Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has been streaming and sharing this new single and video the past couple of days! I am doing my best to be so gay that even people who thought they were pro-gay before are like “eww!” and it seems to be working.

TikTok keeps removing the video and I’m pretty sure I’m shadowbanned on here because of the song title, so all of you queer folks showing up to get the word out about it has been very cool. (I see you, Dan Savage! I see you, Queerty! I see you, EastSiders TV family! I see you, other gays!)

Kill Rock Stars and I love you in a way that the homophobic algorithm has marked as adult. 🏳️‍🌈🧸

Listen, watch, go “eww” and more at www.LoganLynn.gay



9.23.21 // Kill Rock Stars

2 more days.




But are you really gonna go away before we have it all?

💋 9.23.21 #KillRockStars


Out 9.23.21 on Kill Rock Stars.

Pre-save now at LoganLynn.gay

“Eat&Drink&Smoke&Shop&Fuck” Coming 9.23.21 on Kill Rock Stars








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