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I joined Noise for Now’s OUR BODIES DESERVE RESPECT campaign

Proud to be partnering with NOISE FOR NOW on the OUR BODIES DESERVE RESPECT campaign for trans awareness.

2021 has seen a record-breaking number of anti-trans bills introduced in states across the US, making it the worst year on record for anti-trans legislation. It’s no coincidence that the same is true for anti-abortion legislation. This wave of oppressive bills seek to control people’s bodies.

The proceeds from the sales of this t-shirt I’m wearing by Xavier Schipani will support Texas Health Action’s Kind Clinic, which serves LGBTQ+ communities with locations across Texas at no-cost for all services, and will also support Independent Abortion Clinics with trans-centered programs throughout the US via Abortion Care Network’s Keep Our Clinics.

Purchase a tee at www.noisefornow.org/shop

Gucci Love Parade is Tonight!

Buckled in for the Gucci Love Parade tonight, November 2 – 8pm PT

Watch live here:

New Money – Part 1: Lewks

Gonna be posting a bunch of these videos of me and Gino Mari chatting about this new record for Kill Rock Stars while songs from the album play in the background.

This first clip is about fashion:

🎵 Logan Lynn – Rich and Beautiful (Album Version)

👔 #GucciEpilogue by Alessandro Michele for Gucci

Pre-order New Money on vinyl, CD, and digital now from Kill Rock Stars at www.LoganLynn.gay

Just wrapped another video for my new record with Kill Rock Stars.

I’m coach and this is a sports post. Drop and give me 20 or I’ll scream.


Hello I have become one of these very happy people I used to read about in books. I know the timing is weird.

Anyway, I probably love you and will say yes if the ring is right.


Just finished another secret thing for Kill Rock Stars with this dude. Can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve been up to!

Studio lewks on me and Gino Mari by Alessandro Michele for Gucci.

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #PDXmusic

Seven days of Pretty Baby doggo to bless your timeline.🖤

📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021 // #RescueDog

A man with a purse always has gum.

📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021 // #Gucci #TiffanyAndCo

Some personal news: I am still your dad.

#Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021

I was just interviewed by USA Today for a story that comes out next week. I got dressed in full Gucci day drag and then it ended up being a phoner so no one saw.

#GucciOuverture // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021