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Quarantine Shows: Feed Me To The Wolves LIVE from Home

Playing that good, old-fashioned computer music tonight. No instruments here this evening, kids. It’s all programming, buttons, knobs and laptops — but this song gave me my career, so I respect the machines that made it. All love for the indie pop robots.


WATCH: Feed Me To The W.T.F. (VIDEO)

I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since this single premiered on MTVLogoVH1 and a bunch of other channels, radio stations, and like…MySpace, I guess?

It was the first time I had ever been on network TV or signed to a major label, and so many people were projecting things onto me at the time, working to mold me, and trying to help fit me into the big game somewhere. Anyone who was tuned in to my nonsense back then will recall, I did not respond well.

“Feed Me To The Wolves” was my first big break, but at its core it’s a song about me trying to survive cocaine addiction, and this video is the last time I would ever be filmed coked out of my mind or drunk. The fact that it was so celebrated at the time — that I was so celebrated in that state of actively, messily, visibly spiraling towards imminent death — seems so curious to me now, over a decade into my recovery.

I was blowing through an 8 ball of coke and drinking at least a fifth of vodka every day, and I showed up to my big break accordingly. I spent $67,000.00 on cocaine in 2007 alone. I was terrible and mean and people thought it was hilarious and marketable.

The crazier I acted, the more folks wrote about me and booked me for shows; and the stranger things got on and off stage at those shows, the more people offered me TV gigs and would come to watch me spin out…but what so many people ended up watching was me canceling performances because I couldn’t remember my words, bailing on appearances at the last minute because my voice quit working (from smoking crack), having my nose begin to die and nearly fall off my face, several public, well-documented overdoses, and eventually (thankfully) disappearing into hospitals and rehabs, emerging well (ish) nearly two years later.

I wish I could go back in time and tell this sad dude to go get help before help is forced upon him in emergency rooms just 18 months later; To not worry about blowing his one shot by pausing the career clock because he ends up blowing his one shot in the end anyway; And that even that’s bullshit because there is no such thing as just one shot, in life or in music.

All that said, I am so grateful for this song, for the peculiar way it continues to find its way into the world all these years later, and how it has ultimately made so many things possible for me, my career, and my life.

Behold: The very last time I ever drank milk.




WATCH: Logan Lynn Hosting “NewNowNext” on MTV’s Logo Network – Now on YouTube! (VIDEO)

Logan Lynn Water Tower - York Nebraska (2013)

Check out baby Logan’s first time being on network TV! To say I was freaking out here is an understatement.

Filmed in June 2008 at MTV studios in New York City, this hour-long episode of “NewNowNext” (Logo’s music video countdown series which ran from 2005 to 2012) premiered on September 7th, 2008. The show aired many times on TVs in over 26,000,000 homes and was picked up by Time/Warner On Demand for the month of October 2008. This episode also included the premier of my video “Feed Me To The Wolves“, which was nominated for video of the year by Logo in 2008.

The channel went on to feature 7 of my videos on “NewNowNext” and “The Click List” over the course of the 7 years the show was on the air.

To watch the full show on Logo Online, click HERE. To watch my interview segments on YouTube, click HERE or on the image below.

Logan Lynn Hosting NewNowNext on MTV Logo

Flufftronix Releases Remastered “Feed Me To The Wolves” Remix – Download FREE Here!

One of my favorite remixes of one of my songs is Flufftronix’s mix of “Feed Me To The Wolves” and it has been remastered and re-released by Fluffy himself. Download the remix for zero dollars HERE or click on the album cover below. Cool, huh?

From the Flufftronix Soundcloud page:

Recently I’ve been kind of rethinking my entire approach to making music, oddly enough around a quote from Cher, “If it doesn’t matter in five years, it doesn’t matter.” Music is more disposable now than it’s ever been; trying to make music that transcends flavor of the month should really be a major concern if you want to last past a few internet cycles.

I’ve been at this production thing for some now, always learning A TON as I go (for reallllll to the point that it always feels like I learn better ways to do almost anything I was doing differently 6 months ago).. and really for the most part not thinking in terms of longevity. But I think I have occasionally succeeded at it, even if by accident sometimes—case in point this remix from the Summer of 2009. I find I do my best work when I have a solid melody and harmony to work around.. which is also one of the main things I’m trying to improve on learning how to do myself in 2013.

ANYHOO I’ve been doing some mixing and mastering work lately, and know way more about this stuff now than I did in 2009.. let alone 2012! I was never really happy with my shoddy DIY master on this track, so I took some time this past weekend to fix it up. I didn’t go back into the mix—I’m a budy dude and I know this would have sucked me in!—but I did do some much more appropriate compression and limiting. Thanks, hope yall dig! -Michael / Fluff


In the spirit of Gay Pride week, KEXP Seattle (otherwise known as the coolest radio station in all the land) has released their annual “Weird At My School: Big Gay Playlist” and my song “Feed Me To The Wolves” (the “From Pillar To Post” version from 2009) is song 10, just between Ships: “Up and Down” and The Hidden Cameras: “Underage (Holy Fuck Remix).

Neat gay stuff, huh? Check it out HERE.


Logan Lynn (2010)

Free music time again! Click on the widget below to download your FREE copy of “Feed Me To The Wolves (“Garmonbozia” mix by Supercorsa)”! Supercorsa is the duo of superstar DJs Tobias Berblinger and Brian McCauley. The original version of “Feed Me To The Wolves” appears on my latest release “From Pillar To Post” (2009 Beat The World Records) and is available HERE.

Happy downloading, kids.



Logan Lynn Performing at "Blow Pony" (2010)

OK, so…Let me just start by saying HOLY SHIT THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE AT THAT “BLOW PONY VS. LOGAN LYNN” SHOW ON SATURDAY!!! Thanks for coming out like a badass, Portland. I have never seen “Rotture” at capacity (which it hit at 11pm) and I have NEVER in my life seen a line that goes all the way around an entire city block to get in to any party in this town. It was pretty amazing. My lighting guy Chad Crooks got video of the line which I will post sometime, but check out this picture of the crowd! It was literally wall to wall with people in there when I took the stage with “The Gentry” at 12:30. Good Lord.

Blow Pony VS. Logan Lynn (2/27/2010) Rotture, Portland

Thanks so much to my new backing band “The Gentry“. They have been busting out amazing new arrangements of my songs and have truly infused something really exciting into my live show experience. It’s a whole new world, people. Go check out their site HERE. Also, big thanks to Airick & the “Blow Pony” crew for having us play their party…and to Artemis Chase for taking such good care of me and “The Gentry” boys all night. We had so much fun.

For those of you who missed it (and for those of you who were still standing in the line when we played) here is some video. It’s kind-of like being there, but with crappy sound!