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Logan Lynn (2009)

You can read the full review of “From Pillar To Post” (and nab a couple of the tracks) on “The Pop! Stereo” HERE.

Here’s a bit from the piece from “The Pop! Stereo” Music Blog:

“Oregonian, Logan Lynn is a troubadour who utilizes beats, synths and the preaching of the good word to convince the lovelorn and depressed that there’s more to life then being gutted all the time. Having released two previous albums that dwelled heavily on themes of religion, sexuality, and identity, the idea of singing to those troubled by all three is nothing new to Logan. On his third album, From Pillar to Post Logan Lynn has continued to develop his ability to lift troubled souls up via song and has also dived head on into exploring new sonic territory. As his bio states, he’s put the disco back in discomfort.

With an approach that’s pretty darn near close to the Postal Service, Logan Lynn weaves his tales around a rather shy and introspective voice that sounds as if they were written by the kid no one paid attention to. His outsider looking in perspective serves his ethereal like synth pop well as it sounds as if he’s whispering the lyrics to each song into your ear. As a result, From Pillar to Post is an intimate and personal record that anyone who has ever had any sort identity or relationship crisis can relate to.

From Pillar to Post is a lush, faithful and cozy record that will tug at your heart and give you a bear hug. It’s an emotional affair that might just bring you to tears. It’s Logan’s ability to write songs that are that heavy that makes him such a fantastic artist. The fact that he can successfully do it by laying it on the line in and packaging those hopes and tales of love and spirituality in the form of a pop song is a testament to the guy’s talent. Synth pop hasn’t had this much honesty and heart in a long time and that’s why I like From Pillar to Post as much as I do.”