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Pre-Order “My Movie Star” Now and Download Logan Lynn’s Collaboration with Rian Lewis Instantly!

Breaking from my usual process, I wrote 19 new songs for My Movie Star by myself on the Steinway piano in my living room, then narrowed the tracklist down to 10 for the release. Unlike any of my previous work over the past 20 years, all of these tracks began with me streaming these initial writing sessions for all of you and my followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, live from my loft in Portland, Oregon.

I then took those Steinway Sessions live recordings offline and sent countless clips to this record’s co-Producer Jay Mohr for feedback and direction. This back-and-forth process — which mainly consisted of Jay telling me to quiet down and pushing me to be braver and more exposed — went on for most of 2016 while I was on the road promoting my last release, ADIEU

From there, I invited Portland-based piano genius (and T-Pain muse) GLASYS to come on board to build out the key parts and a few months later we locked ourselves in The Hallowed Halls with Justin Phelps (Amanda PalmerDresden DollsDead Kennedys) and Mike Blackburn (The Wild WarScars on 45Dungen) until My Movie Star was complete. Jay Mohr, who is also a writer on 2 of the songs, gets credit for inspiring the album as a whole.

My Movie Star will be released on October 12th, 2018 as a 2-disc set, alongside an album of all the songs reimagined by The Dandy Warhols, Tiffany (“I Think We’re Alone Now”), Jarryd James, Rian Lewis (Gorillaz, Chromeo), DoublePlusGood, Stose and many more of my favorite bands, artists and musical heroes.

Pre-Order on Double CD, Double Vinyl, or Digital Download at the links below and you’ll get my collaboration with Rian Lewis (Track 1 on Disc 2) instantly!

Deluxe Double Disc – CD Edition Pre-order – Bandcamp (Ships 10/12/18)
Deluxe Double Disc – Vinyl Edition Pre-order – Bandcamp (Ships 4/15/19)
Digital Pre-order – Bandcamp
Digital Pre-order – iTunes
Digital Pre-order – Amazon

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20 Years of Misses: Logan Lynn Releases 50 Song Retrospective (1998-2018) Exclusively on Spotify

It’s hard to believe I’ve been putting records out for the past 2 decades, but that’s what they tell me. To celebrate, I put together a 50 track retrospective playlist called “20 Years of Misses” on Spotify that spans all those years and several disastrous record deals.

This time machine is yours. No…OURS. Thank you all for still being here! I love you.

Listen HERE.

Logan Lynn Featured On New York Magazine’s Vulture Video Page Again This Week!

Logan Lynn Live in San Francisco

Thanks to New York Magazine for featuring our Miley Cyrus cover on their Vulture video page again this week! This song was released 2 months ago today and, while I know it sounds totally weird, it has actually changed my life in the weeks since.

Click HERE to check it out. The video has been watched a half a million times already!!!

Here’s to REALLY good timing, to Gino Mari at The Country Club studios for being a genius and pushing me to try new things, and to Miley’s camp at RCA Records / Sony Music Entertainment for being so cool to us.

Hello, mainstream. Nice to meet you.


New Logan Lynn Track – “We Were Around Before (A cappella)” – FREE Download!

I wrote this song about my darling Aleksandr. It started as an A cappella song and morphed into an acoustic song, then I decided I liked it better A cappella so I switched it back. That’s the version you hear below. “We Were Around Before” is the last song on my “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” E.P. (available exclusively on Bandcamp HERE free).

Have a listen:

Click the album cover below to download “We Were Around Before (A cappella)” from Logan Lynn’s “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” for zero dollars on Bandcamp!

New Logan Lynn Track: “The Tree You Named After Me” – FREE Download!

I’ve been releasing acoustic versions of new songs every few weeks since December and let another one out this evening. It’s called “The Tree You Named After Me” and is yet another collaboration with teenage pop phenom Noah Daniel Wood on guitar & David Appaloosa (from Portland indiepop boyband The Hugs) recording and quick mixing the whole thing for us.

Have a listen:

Click the album cover below to download “The Tree You Named After Me” from Logan Lynn’s “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” for zero dollars on Bandcamp!


Happy New Year Everybody!

I am headed to the Oregon coast tomorrow to ring in the new year with my boyfriend and some of our friends but figured I would leak another in a series of acoustic version of songs from this new record I’ve been working on before I go. That’s Noah Daniel Wood on Ukulele.


Click the album cover below to download “Laying Still” from Logan Lynn’s “Everything You Touch Turns To Gold” for zero dollars on Bandcamp!


Well, folks…it’s been a year and a half since I went on hiatus from music world and it’s been really good for me. I’ve immersed myself in activism and community work in Portland and have managed to stay put for a second. A lot of happy stuff has come into my life as a result of my deciding to sink the boat I was on before and I don’t ever regret having done so. It needed to happen and while at the time many people thought I was fucking crazy, as it turns out, it was the right choice. ALL of it.

With a little bit of distance between the stress of constantly touring and my everyday life now I have been able to separate the parts of the music industry I like from the parts I do not. In many ways I have gone back to how it was in the beginning—no pressure, no competition, no financial motivation to be more “mainstream” or “successful”—just me, my feelings, my keyboard, a pen and some paper. It’s been lovely to get back in touch with why I started off on this career path in the first place. In searching for that I seem to have accidentally unblocked myself and have, over the past 18 months, written a new record-one which I am already proud of and so excited to make.

I have already reached out to a few different folks who I want to work with on this one. I’m not going to set up shop with just one producer for the project. I am thinking of it as a chance to collaborate with a variety of talented people on a variety of tracks, then see where it lands. There are no rules anymore so it’s really just about the music. I don’t care how famous you are or who you’ve worked with in the past. If I’m inspired by your work, you’re in. If I’m not, you’re not.

If you would like to work on this new record with me and are interested in throwing yourself into the mix of potential producers, send an email to Logan@LoganLynnMusic.com with up to 3 original, unreleased instrumental works attached in MP3 format. Any genre is fine. Push me out of the box I’ve been living in if you dare! The only thing that is non-negotiable with this project is that YOU MUST BE THE OWNER OF THE SUBMITTED MATERIAL. I will be listening to all of your tracks over the course of November and will be identifying people from there.

Really looking forward to hearing from you. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling better than I have in years and it’s coming through in these new songs. Let’s make something pretty together!




Q Town Magazine interviewed me for this month’s issue (on stands now in Virginia, online HERE. Check out the full transcript below! I talk about the usual things people talk about in interviews: cocaine, butt sex, being a jerk, fucking my life up, Jesus, etc.


From Q TOWN Magazine (August 2010 Issue):

It’s been quite a trip for Portland electronica artist Logan Lynn. From his first studio album, This Is Folk Techno in 1998 to his latest From Pillar To Post, Lynn transports us away to his buzzing trance-like world. Famous for edgy lyrics and playful beats, Lynn creates excitement on MTV, Logo, VH1, Spike and in the pulsating indie music scene.

Q town recently caught up with Logan to chat about hooking up with The Dandy Warhols, his connection to his fans, and how queer culture influences the mainstream.

QT: Your style has been called electro-house mixed with folk, which is a really interesting combination. How did these two come together for you?

LL: I was always really interested in both genres separately growing up and coming into my own musically as a songwriter. At some point in the late 90’s I started blending the two together. Back then nobody really understood what I was doing. I would have shows and people would just stand there and scratch their heads. I could tell they were like “What the hell is this guy doing?”, but that was mostly because they just had no reference point. That was WAY before The Postal Service or some of those groups that came along in the mid 2000’s. Once that all started getting big is when people really started to gravitate to my music. I repackaged and re-released the same record in 2005 that I had released in 2000 and the reaction was amazing so I immediately recorded all the songs I had been writing during that 5 year hiatus from making records and got the ball rolling for my self-titled record in 2006. I’m glad people get it now.

QT: How did you hook up with the indie-rock band The Dandy Warhols and what has that experience been like for you?

LL: I was working on an ad campaign for a company in Los Angeles in 2005 & we hired a photographer from Portland named Ray Gordon who I ended up partying with for days in LA. He fell in love with some of the new material I played him and just happened to be really good friends with Courtney Taylor-Taylor (the Dandys’ frontman). He knew they were starting a label, Courtney and I met, he got really into my record, they signed me in 2007 and released my last record “From Pillar To Post” on their Beat The World label in 2009. It has been really great to have access to their studio and to be able to learn from them. It has been quite the journey from there to here.

QT: Can you tell us the inspiration to the lyrics behind your sharply-titled single, “Bottom your way to the top”?

LL: Well, I was in a very long-term relationship that started ending in 2007, but eluded finality until a little over a year ago. At one point, as our 6 years together were dissolving, the words “Just go and bottom your way to the top, then” was yelled my way….so I wrote a song about it. That whole record (“From Pillar To Post”) is about that time in my life. I was immersed in cocaine partyworld and was losing my love. I didn’t react very well to the breakup initially. I acted out in ways that were, well…song-worthy.

QT: We really love the video for “Bottom your way to the top”. In addition to being a musician you’re also a visual artist. Did you help contribute to the concept behind the video?

LL: Nice one! Thanks. I am always involved in some aspect of everything, but I think much of my success has been found in letting the people I work with do their jobs (be it on songs or videos). I have yet to drink my own Kool-Aid to the point where I think I know how to do everything better than everyone else. That’s bullshit. Anyway, the director Jeffrey McHale (from Chicago) had a very clear vision. I came to him because I felt like he and I had a similar point of view. It turned out that we did. He introduced me to an illustrator named John Parot who came on board to illustrate the video which Jeff then animated. Interestingly enough, John Parot is a contestant on Bravo’s “Work Of Art: The Search For The Next Great Artist” this season. He does amazing work. I love that we got him on that video. His drawings are really what next-leveled that one.

QT: What would you say is the best part of being a performer?

LL: I love the connections I make with people. I think because my songs are so personal they tend to find people that are similar to me. That’s been the case thusfar at least. That connection, that shrinking of the world to a size I can deal with, has been the best part of all of this so far. I like feeling like my crazy is understandable my hundreds of thousands of people. Like…other people aren’t running away from my ugly parts on display so maybe I’m not such a fucking psycho after all?

QT: You’ve been a fixture on MTV, VH1, Spike TV and Logo Online and you’ve got a huge following. How did it feel to break into the biz?

LL: It felt different than I thought it was going to. It is amazing that I get to live out my lifelong dreams and have been able to get to the point I’m at currently with this whole thing…but I’ll be honest and say that I always had it in my mind that I would get here and suddenly be happy, suddenly feel like I belong. Unfortunately, that is not the case so I’ve had to mourn the loss of that delusional notion as it has become clear that there just simply is no golden ticket. I love singing, I love writing, I love that there are so many people who feel a connection with me and my songs…but it’s isolating, too. That’s sort-of the nature of the beast I guess…but I wasn’t prepared for that part. It gets lonely on the island, ya know?

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Logan Lynn (2010)

I just saw a preview of my show tomorrow at Doug Fir that “Oregon Music News” posted today on their site. You can redirect there by clicking HERE, or keep reading below. If you don’t have tickets yet, get them HERE.

From “Oregon Music News” (1/6/2010)

“Logan Lynn, Cars & Trains, and The Gentry: Gently electrifying the Doug Fir: If you think the new year should bring new music, then don’t miss this show tomorrow night at the Doug Fir. Logan Lynn just released his fourth album, From Pillar to Post, and will play as the night’s headliner alongside The Gentry’s intriguing mix of lyrical pondering and head bopping, shoulder popping beats. Lynn is already getting national press for the album, and tomorrow’s show will be Portland’s first taste of the live, two-band synthesis.

Cars & Trains artist Tom Filepp will showcase his sophomore offering, The Roots, The Leaves, which comes out January 24th. Portland is already buzzing about the album with its unique soundscapes, which include many local artists as guest vocalists, toy instruments, and tape samples. With theses new albums full of sounds that braid electronica, folk, pop, hip-hop, and rock together, these bands really will give us the gift of new music. Doors at 8 p.m., Show at 9 p.m. Thursday, January 7, Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E. Burnside, 503-231-WOOD, $6 at the door.

-Alaya Wyndham-Price, OMN”

Oregon Music News (2010) Logan Lynn

So…there you have it. Come out and play with us…TOMORROW NIGHT!!! “Oregon Music News” will be there…will you???



Logan Lynn (2010)



9PM: “Cars & Trains”
10PM: “The Gentry”
11PM: “Logan Lynn”