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Logan Lynn On The Cover of Proud Times Magazine This Month!

Logan Lynn by Adrian Sotomayor 2014
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LISTEN: Logan Lynn Releases Cover of “We Can’t Stop” (Miley Cyrus) – FREE DOWNLOAD

We Can't Stop (2013) Logan Lynn

On the heels of my summer tour of the U.S. with Big Dipper and Conquistador, I have just released a cover of We Can’t Stop (by Miley Cyrus) that is going to blow your mind.  Click HERE to listen and download the single free on Soundcloud or HERE to do the same on Bandcamp.  The official lyric video is also streaming on YouTube HERE.  It technically doesn’t come out until Tuesday (9/17) but…you know…we can’t stop.


Produced by Gino Mari, who also produced my 2012 release Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks, this song features all organic instrumentation unlike anything else I’ve recorded to date.  Why Miley, you ask?  Well…I thought what Miley did on the VMAs was hilarious.  I mean…Robin Thicke is a disgusting misogynistic pig who actively promotes rape culture, but that’s not Miley’s fault.  She’s just young and awkward and having fun.  I would have totally Twerked on him and everyone else in my way at her age.  Going nuts and telling authority figures to go screw themselves is part of growing up.  Also, where do I get one of those giant foam fingers she had for that performance?  Is that a sports thing or what?!

You may notice that this cover (and my latest single, released 8/13) are a bit of a departure from the electronics I’ve become synonymous with over the course of the past 15 years.  These are just a glimpse into the new direction I’m headed in sonically.  I have to keep changing things up or I get bored.  This round I’ve put down the dance music a little and Gino has been playing all kinds of instruments instead.  It’s been turning out really warm and special so far as a result.  I figured this cold, dead pop song was the perfect thing to try and bring to life.  Don’t get me wrong – I actually really like Miley’s version, too…but it’s not particularly warm.

Click the cover art below to download Logan Lynn’s We Can’t Stop single FREE and watch the original We Can’t Stop video by Miley Cyrus HERE to compare versions.

Logan Lynn We Can't Stop Single Cover Art

Song Credits:

Logan Lynn: “We Can’t Stop” (Cover)
Vocals:  Logan Lynn
Music:  (Electric Air Organ, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Piano, Cello, Drums, Backing Vocals, Tambourine): Gino Mari
Mixed by Gino Mari at The Country Club Studios – Portland, Oregon
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes at The Breakroom Studios – Portland, Oregon
2013 Logan Lynn Music (LLM)
Originally Recorded by Miley Cyrus 
(C) 2013 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

(Lyric Video by Dandy Jon)

FREE 13 Song Compilation Record By Accidental Bear Features Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Conquistador, Darling Gunsel, and Rica Shay!

FREE Accidental Bear AB XO Compilation Record

The Accidental Bear Queer Music Summer Tour Benefit for LGBTQ Mental Health Services and Suicide Prevention is happening in one month! To get everybody pumped up for the July shows, AccidentalBear.com has released a FREE 13 song compilation record called “AB // XO – Volume 1” featuring songs by all 5 bands on the tour – Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Conquistador, Darling Gunsel, and Rica Shay!

Download your copy by clicking on the record cover below or visit THIS LINK.

AB XO - Compilation Record - 2013 - Logan Lynn + Big Dipper + Conquistador + Darling Gunsel + Rica Shay - Album Cover

Tickets and info on the charity tour are available HERE. We will be in San Francisco on July 5th, Los Angeles on July 7th, Portland on July 11th, Seattle on July 14th, and New York City on July 19th. Get yours now!

To listen to “AB // XO – Volume 1”, press play below.

Check out this tracklist:
Compilation Record - 2013 - Logan Lynn + Big Dipper + Conquistador + Darling Gunsel + Rica Shay - Tracklist


Logan Lynn (2010)

Free music time again! Click on the widget below to download your FREE copy of “Feed Me To The Wolves (“Garmonbozia” mix by Supercorsa)”! Supercorsa is the duo of superstar DJs Tobias Berblinger and Brian McCauley. The original version of “Feed Me To The Wolves” appears on my latest release “From Pillar To Post” (2009 Beat The World Records) and is available HERE.

Happy downloading, kids.



Logan Lynn (2010)

I’ll be opening for “Jaguar Love” at Holocene on Tuesday, February 2nd (2010) for “The Rumble: Portland“, a FREE SHOW put on by the folks at “Future Sounds”, “Cravedog, Inc.” and “Pampelmoose.com”!!! It is gonna be a CRAZY night.

Here’s the poster:

The Rumble: Portland (2/2/2010): Holocene: Jaguar Love, Logan Lynn, DJ A Train

See you this weekend at Berbati’s…then again next month at Holocene! So fun.


Logan Lynn (2009)

Hiya! The label I am signed with “Beat The World” Records is giving away awesome FREE STUFF to the fans of the bands on their roster (myself included, so…that’s YOU GUYS!) All the info is below, and check out the new “Beat The World” site when you’re done by clicking HERE!

Check it out! See info below.

From “Beat The World” Records:

Beat The World Records is excited to announce that we are partnering with Guild Guitars to offer a dynamite guitar giveaway contest to fans of Beat The World Records and our artists.

The best part is that everyone who enters will receive a Beat The World Records Compilation EP (Digital Format), featuring one song from each of our artists, including The Dandy Warhols, The Upsidedown, Logan Lynn, Spindrift, and 1776!

One (1) grand prize winner will receive a new Guild® GAD-JF3012 acoustic guitar, as featured in the photo. This guitar regularly retails for approximately: $1,799.99 (USD).

Ten (10) other winners will receive a Beat The World Records Gift Pack, featuring one digital format record from each of our artists.

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Logan Lynn (2009)

Hey everybody!

It’s October and I don’t know about you, but I’m turning 30 this month. I’m excited about this birthday over all other birthdays that I can remember. I am thinking this is maybe because I spent more than a few years thinking I would never reach this age due to the chemical tailspin I was in for 16 years. Most people who knew me in real life during this time had a similar feeling about my longevity, I’m sure. I am SO excited that I was wrong about this. I’m grateful that I have made it out of that waking nightmare alive and am pleased as punch to be here with all of you now, healthy and humbled with both feet planted firmly on the GROUND.

I figured I’d give away a song that fits in with the theme this week…

“The Dotted Line” is Track 13 on my new record (the final track) and was written while I was in a rehab center during the first part of 2008 finally getting my shit together. I put it last on the record because it felt to me like a little burst of hope at the tail end of documenting a rather difficult journey. It’s about picking up the broken pieces and putting them back together and, ultimately, letting go.

I hope you all find yourselves in a place of truth in your own experiences, whatever your truths may be…however wonderful or painful, forgettable or memorable. This is one piece of mine. Thanks for letting me share it with you.




Logan Lynn (2009)

You can read the full review of “From Pillar To Post” (and nab a couple of the tracks) on “The Pop! Stereo” HERE.

Here’s a bit from the piece from “The Pop! Stereo” Music Blog:

“Oregonian, Logan Lynn is a troubadour who utilizes beats, synths and the preaching of the good word to convince the lovelorn and depressed that there’s more to life then being gutted all the time. Having released two previous albums that dwelled heavily on themes of religion, sexuality, and identity, the idea of singing to those troubled by all three is nothing new to Logan. On his third album, From Pillar to Post Logan Lynn has continued to develop his ability to lift troubled souls up via song and has also dived head on into exploring new sonic territory. As his bio states, he’s put the disco back in discomfort.

With an approach that’s pretty darn near close to the Postal Service, Logan Lynn weaves his tales around a rather shy and introspective voice that sounds as if they were written by the kid no one paid attention to. His outsider looking in perspective serves his ethereal like synth pop well as it sounds as if he’s whispering the lyrics to each song into your ear. As a result, From Pillar to Post is an intimate and personal record that anyone who has ever had any sort identity or relationship crisis can relate to.

From Pillar to Post is a lush, faithful and cozy record that will tug at your heart and give you a bear hug. It’s an emotional affair that might just bring you to tears. It’s Logan’s ability to write songs that are that heavy that makes him such a fantastic artist. The fact that he can successfully do it by laying it on the line in and packaging those hopes and tales of love and spirituality in the form of a pop song is a testament to the guy’s talent. Synth pop hasn’t had this much honesty and heart in a long time and that’s why I like From Pillar to Post as much as I do.”


Logan Lynn (2009)

You can check out the full post HERE, but here’s a bit from the piece just for kicks:

From “Young Creature”:

“Remember a while back when we wrote about Portland emotronic artist Logan Lynn? His album, ‘From Pillar To Post’ is due out Labor Day weekend, so that’s exciting news….BUT….In addition to the proper record, he is also releasing the first of a four-part remix series that very same weekend! ‘Blood In The Water’ will feature remixes of the songs “Write It On My Left Arm” and “Feed Me To The Wolves” by four different DJs/producers and will take his sensitive jams and kick them up for the dancefloor.”








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