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Logan Lynn (2009)

I was interviewed by an LGBT blog from Peru called “Gay Like You” and the story went live today on their site. You can check it out HERE or read the full transcript just below. Hello, Peru! My gayness knows no bounds. Keep in mind that the questions have been translated to English, so they’ve been cleaned up a bit for this post from the original (which was WAY better to begin with than me trying to speak Spanish! That would have been a very short interview)…


From “Gay Like You” (12/15/2009)

Logan Lynn is a very nice musician and songwriter whose last album “From Pillar to Post” is getting huge attention. In this exclusive interview with GAY LIKE YOU, THE BLOG he tell us a lot of things and concerns from his music to personal stuff and always in his natural style. His recent hit “Bottom your way to the top” is one of the favorites on MTV and also on LOGO, if you don’t know Logan (that would be a shame) we introduce him and invite to add him in your ITUNES right now…

GLY: What do you like about using poetry in your songs?

LL: All of my song lyrics are lifted from notebooks which I am constantly scribbling in. I think of it more like stream of consciousness than poetry, at least during the initial writing process. By the time it’s set to music and made to fit the chords it gets more in line with what could be considered poetry, but I don’t think I’m a poet. I work mostly in observation and introspection and have, over time, developed my songwriting style into what it is today.

GLY: Do you like to be considered an outcast, a misfit, a rebel?

LL: I have always somehow found myself in outcast roles, but at this point in my life I welcome it. It’s the reality, so I’ve learned to embrace it and think that, musically, all of those feelings have helped shape me as an artist and are, at the core, what bring people to my music. Everybody feels far away sometimes, everybody goes through life wanting to fit in, wishing they were apart of something…so, I think people can relate universally to my songs on those levels.

GLY: You were born and grew up in Portland (Oregon), where right now there is a pulsating music scene. How would you consider your own music if you could describe it yourself?

LL: I was actually born in Lubbock, Texas and was essentially raised in Nebraska. I fled the Midwest in 1996 and Read the rest of this entry »