// NEW MONEY \\ 1.27.22 // Kill Rock Stars \\


The sun is out and so am I.

#GGMulticolor Gucci // 📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2021


I’ve been working out every day for weeks and I’m sure there are health benefits but you should know that I am only doing it to be hot.


Chatting with the Press Today and Summoning the Rain

(FAKE / NOT cape, eyewear, and monogram jogging pants by #AlessandroMichele for Gucci, Fall/Winter 2020)



That’s a Wrap on Launch Week!

Grandma vibing around the house while I close out this glorious launch week. Your Gran loves you. 💚❤️

(Wool Logo Shawl, GG Monogram Pants, T-Shirt, Socks, Eyewear, and Glasses Chain by #AlessandroMichele for #Gucci)


Oops. I’m Happy.



Makin’ Movies 🎥


Up Early…

‪…listening to the demos from this new record I’ve been working on with Gino Mari. ‬

‪I sound like a horny, deranged madman who has been trapped inside his house for half a year on every single one of these songs. ‬

‪#GucciTheRitual ‬