Logan Lynn (2009)

So…OH MY GOD. I never get sick, but found myself completely taken down last Sunday with the seasonal flu (thankfully, not of the Swine variety) and am just now, 4 days later, starting to feel like myself again.

I spent the week in bed…on the couch, actually. While I was laying here, once the horror of the first couple days of it passed, I was able to think about stuff and write a bit. That’s ALL I was able to do, actually, as moving around was pretty much out of the question until today and I ran out of DVD’s and stuff on TIVO about 20 hours in.

One of those thoughts I had was how lucky I am to have my health. I regret being so hard on this body of mine for so many years…I wish I had learned much of what I’ve taken to heart over the past two years a decade ago, but that’s not how the story goes and I feel grateful to be here in one piece, healthy and present in my life today.

I like the idea that things can always move forward…that I can take my human experience and change its course at any moment. I want so badly to make right the things I have wronged in my short time on this earth, and find myself in a constant state of atonement, not just with the universe, but with myself as well.

I am turning 30 in two weeks & I’m really grateful to be here with all of you…HEALTHY and on the road to some brighter place. Oh, and I recommend that you go get a flu shot. That shit was GNARLY.