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Logan Lynn

Interview with: Logan Lynn
Interview By: The Realist from GreenlandLive.net

Logan Lynn is a singer-songwriter with a background in the dance music scene as well as pop and rock and roll. ‘It’s hard to pinpoint what it is that I do and how exactly I go there.’ After slew a of mildly successful bands Logan went solo in 1998 and put out his first record called ‘GLEE’ in 2000. ‘The music was hard for the industry to categorize back then, so I have been lumped into a bunch of different categories (or NO category) ever since; ‘Emotronic’,’Crybaby Techno’,’Indie Electropop’…I figure people can call it whatever they like, as long as they are listening to my music.’

Logan hated his name growing up, but ‘it’s pretty enjoyable now because Logan Lynn just sounds like a stars name!’ People always assume that Logan Lynn is a band name, or a stage name, but really he’s just a solo act who has been really lucky to work with kick ass DJs and Producers since the start of his career in the 90’s. Logan grew up listening to and was influenced by artists like THE INNOCENCE MISSION, SAM PHILLIPS, THE SUNDAYS, TORI AMOS, LIZ PHAIR…and Logan is still listening to the same folks today; he really likes a lot of what is happening in music right now in the ladies world…REGINA SPEKTOR, LESLIE FEIST, EMILY HAINES, KATE NASH… “It’s good stuff. I’m, like…WAY inspired.”

As long as his music can keep growing in an honest direction and he can keep his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in his head as well as on the dance floor, he sees himself being in a really good place. Logan music is inspired by finding joy through sadness…a need to connect with like-minded individuals, “Different things drive it at different times…but it tends to revolve around my insecurities and struggles about being human.”
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