// NEW MONEY \\ 1.27.22 // Kill Rock Stars \\


I’m on vacation for the first time since last year and have decided just to lay here and watch ASMR videos of Turkish barbers giving chiropractic adjustments and whispering to each other until July 12th.

Life is short. Waste every single moment while you still can.🖤

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #GucciLiberty

I’ve been working for the past 25 years to make a very specific thing happen and at the end of last year it just, like…happened.

I’ll tell you all about it very soon but in the meantime, somebody please spank me hard, pull my hair, and give me treats. I’m happy.💋

📸 Polaroid 600 Film, 2021 // #PDXmusic #Gucci #TiffanyHardWear