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Oops. I’m Happy.



Gucci Spring/Summer 2020 by Alessandro Michele

My Gucci shoot got canceled last month due to the pandemic, but I got to keep all of the clothes, accessories, and jewelry as a consolation prize.

Life is weird right now and who knows what the global fashion industry will look like in the new world — but we’ll always have spring/summer 2020 by #AlessandroMichele.

Thank you, #Gucci and Lallo! I love you. 🖤

Backyard Catwalk


#Gucci / #Diesel

In Case Anyone Is Wondering…

…I’m still gay and stupid.


Preventative Social Distancing…But Make It Fashion.

‪Preventative social distancing is going well. I went up to my rooftop garden today with the dog when the sun came out so we don’t wither and die, wiped some surfaces, took this photo, and came back inside. ‬

‪The end. 💀

#Gucci ‬

For the Dreams Come True Category…

For the dreams come true category: After my GRAMMYs looks made their way onto a couple of best dressed lists, I booked a Gucci editorial spread for a magazine that I can’t talk about yet, but the shoot is in 3 weeks and they sent me a TON of stuff today!

I’m so excited I am literally screaming in the living room as I open each box. Thank you for your vision, Alessandro Michele! This is wild. 😍