LOGAN LYNN // NEW MONEY \\ 1.21.22


Someone called me a “Gender Traitor” on the internet yesterday and I have never felt more proud.

Definitely what I’m going for.


Happy 100th birthday to Gucci!

I’m proud to say I am also 100 years old and they have been dressing me this entire time.

To check out more looks and jewelry from the Gucci Epilogue collection by Alessandro Michele, watch my new video.


Just sitting around thinking about compassionate ways to break up Bobby Cannavale’s marriage so I can legally become his second wife without hurting Rose Byrne.

Have a good weekend!

💚❤️ #Gucci

This week marks the global launch of our series “The Library” on the Revry TV platform! Now available in over 250 million homes, you can watch us on Apple TV, Roku, on the Revry app, and more.

Thanks to my partners at DotGay and Two Penguins for believing this was possible, and to the cast and crew for literally risking their lives to make it all happen with us during a pandemic. We did the big thing, y’all! Congrats.

📸 Polaroid i-Type Film, 2020 // #GucciTheRitual, Gucci

Logan Lynn in Foco Publico (SPAIN) for Gucci The Ritual

#GucciTheRitual for #FocoPublico, Spain (2020)

That’s a Wrap on Launch Week!

Grandma vibing around the house while I close out this glorious launch week. Your Gran loves you. 💚❤️

(Wool Logo Shawl, GG Monogram Pants, T-Shirt, Socks, Eyewear, and Glasses Chain by #AlessandroMichele for #Gucci)


Makin’ Movies 🎥


#GucciTheRitual by Alessandro Michele for Gucci (Summer 2020)

Mural by April Holder


Quarantine Update: Week 13

I am so starved for human connection that I seriously considered asking the furniture delivery man if he would like to stay for dinner. Also I’ve decided to get married. Doesn’t matter who he is. Dude just needs to come over here right now and move all of these boxes to the other room. 🖤







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