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Logan Lynn (2009)

You can read the full review HERE but here are a few snippets:

From “Independent Clauses”:

“Logan Lynn is an interesting artist. He falls solidly within electro-pop, but the overall tone is darker than average, with sexual innuendo practically screaming at you within every song…The sound is full and thick, with lots of synth (the good kind) layered under his vocals…

‘Write It On My Left Arm’ breaks up the rhythm Lynn builds up for himself with faster tempo and some great percussion. It’s one of the standout songs of the album, with great energy and snarky lyrics like, ‘When the going gets tough / The tough quit going to work.’ As the album progresses, you’ll hear little word plays and witty turns of expression that add a lot of personality to the songs…

Logan Lynn closes out with ‘The Dotted Line,’ an off-the-wall change to his sound that aptly wraps up everything else. It’s more hip-hop or club than anything before it, with a section of harmonic conflict that only reaches resolution when he enters on vocals. Lyrics are a bit dark, ending with things like, ‘No one to hold you / no one to sign / no one to sign on the dotted line / …. you’ll have to save yourself this time.’…

From Pillar to Post makes for an entertaining listen. Logan Lynn blends his electronic styling perfectly with his vocals, and has created an album that is very clean, adding in nice touches here and there like his verbal wordplay.”







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