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Logan Lynn and Jay Mohr Featured in Instinct Magazine

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From Instinct Magazine: (9/12/18)

Beefy & Hunky Jay Mohr Goes Full-Frontal in Logan Lynn Music Video

Jay Mohr has always been one of those underrated hotties for close to three decades now. For instance, Jerry Maguire had more eye candy in it than just Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. And he’s up there in terms of being one of the hottest men to have ever flexed their comedy chops on Saturday Night Live, a show he was apart of from 1993-1995.

Now the 48-year-old has done something many of us never expected: going completely full-frontal in a music video for an openly gay artist. This became a reality when musician, singer and television personality Logan Lynn released his new video for “Nothing’s Ever Wrong” on Monday, which shows the New Jersey native in the buff.

Logan and Jay both have major history with one another prior to this video being made. His latest album, My Movie Star (out October 12th), is actually inspired by Lynn’s collaborations with Mohr. He shifted gears with his newest effort, which finds him going in a different direction emotionally compared to his last albums which dealt primarily with mental health (something he is a huge advocate of).

“My last record in 2016 was all about mental health, all about my recovery and my journey from sickness to wellness and this new album is an album about love, right?,” he told Spill Magazine. “They’re love songs, these are songs about navigating the world as a public person, they’re about my inner life, the inner lives of the people I love and how that’s perceived by the outside world and so it’s very different. I think this album is more conceptual, it’s not about mental health”

“This one is topically much more about love and just life, and Hollywood, and my experience of being around movie stars and folks that are famous: just getting to see what that means in real life versus the projection that they all carry around,” he continued. “It was also an opportunity for me to change my sound a bit. [I’ve been] known for doing this rambunctious dance music for years and years, then I morphed into more of an indie or college rock sound over the last couple albums and then this is just me with a grand piano. It really strips down and is intimate and quiet.”

Logan and Jay already released a featurette back in February, also called “My Movie Star,” That made its exclusive premiere on BuzzBands LA. The short film featured three previously unreleased songs from the upcoming album of the same name. Jay was not only the inspiration for it, but he also produced and co-wrote it as well.

There are two version of the video for “Nothing’s Ever Wrong,” one of which features Jay’s front and back and the R-rated version which only features the latter. NSFW (of course), but the full-frontal version can be seen here.

Jay already has made jokes about everyone seeing his private parts:

Logan Lynn’s Summer Tour Featured by Instinct Magazine

Instinct Magazine ran a piece on my summer tour for Accidental Bear with Big Dipper, Conquistador, Rica Shay, and Darling Gunsel today! Click HERE to read it on the Instinct site, or keep reading for the transcript.

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From Instinct Magazine:

“They say blondes have more fun, but we’re starting to think it might be the bears!

AccidentalBear.com has announced their 2013 Queer Music Summer Tour  kicking off this July in support of LGBTQ mental health services at The Stonewall Project (SF), Q Center (Portland), the Ali Forney Center (NYC), and our good friends over at the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center (LA).

Logan Lynn (pictured) will be headlining the tour alongside ConquistadorBig DipperRica Shay, and Darling Gunsel, with a bunch of other amazing (and hairy!) queer acts opening for the headliners in each city.
Look for shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and New York City, with ALL proceeds going to the aforementioned organizations in their respective cities!

For more info on the tour, charities, and Kickstarter campaign, click HERE. And for sponsorship, click HERE.

Will you be attending Instincters? It promises to be a bear-y good time! (Sorry.)”