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Logan Lynn: The Curse of Being Old-Fashioned

Note: My monthly column for Just Out Magazine “In The Trenches” was published today in the October issue. The piece is called “The Curse of Being Old Fashioned” and is about accepting all types of relationships. Unfortunately, the last 2 (very important) paragraphs were accidentally left out of the print version (something that has been making me CRAZY for days, and I’m sure will continue to all month) but the online version is complete. You can check out the original by clicking the cover image below, or just keep reading below.

In The Trenches: “The Curse of Being Old-Fashioned”

Let me start by saying I believe everyone should have the right to love whoever they please, however they please. My choice to love monogamously, and my sharing my thoughts around said loving with you all, is not meant to diminish your thoughts and choices, but rather to offer up yet another queer voice on the matter. I am not making a case for monogamy with this article, but rather a case for acceptance.

In recent days I’ve been reading a lot of articles about love, commitment, and the “M” word, followed by discussions with my fellow queers about said articles, and it’s left me feeling frustrated. I can’t help but wonder, at what point in our queer cultural development did it become acceptable to imply (or say outright) that a person or couple who chooses to be in a monogamous relationship is somehow less evolved than those who do not? I have encountered this view before in my previous dating misadventures, friendships, and relationships … as though my wanting to be with only one man for the rest of my life is buying into a “heteronormative” idea about love and, in so doing, is somehow oppressing you in yours.

It has been my experience that being what some would consider “old fashioned” feels, at times, a bit like a curse for an out, gay man. I have never had anonymous sex. I have never hooked up with anyone off of Craigslist. I have an iPhone but I am not on Grindr or Scruff or Manhunt or whatever other sites people use these days to populate their casual sex lives. In fact, I have never had a very casual sex life. It has always been tied to relationship or a longing for deep connection. My being this way has made it difficult for me to relate to the experience of many of my queer peers, and almost impossible for them to relate to me.

I don’t believe being monogamously in love is the Read the rest of this entry »

Logan Lynn: The Party’s Over. Now What?

Originally Published in the September 2012 Issue of Just Out Magazine, on stands now. Click this month’s cover below for the original post.

In The Trenches: “The Party’s Over. Now What?”

It’s no secret that I struggled with an addiction to cocaine and alcohol for many years – Sixteen of them, to be exact. A quick Google search of my name uncovers that though, so this isn’t breaking news. I was always very openly strung out and continued to be open throughout the process of cleaning up, nearly 5 years ago at this point. By the time my active using had come to a close, I had wrecked my life many times over, hurt everyone around me, and squandered professional opportunities the likes of which I will never see again. It has been a long road to put things back to how they are today, and there are still times where that messy person appears, ready as ever to destroy all over again.

It seems you can take the drugs away from the insecure screw-up, but the feelings which led to the drugs in the first place remain. Sometimes they are small and manageable, other times they are too large to hold. Even now, all these years later, not a day goes by where I do not think about giving up. It usually happens when I get my feelings hurt or if I feel overwhelmed by the extreme realness of the universe, which tends to hit me in unexpected waves at the most inopportune times. In these moments I would love nothing more than to ease my aching shame with a drink or hide myself from you, the world, in some kind of thick, white, transformative smoke. There are times where I would literally give everything just to feel nothing.

The trouble with me feeling nothing is that it comes at great cost. I know how that story ends. I lose my work, then my friends and family, then my belongings, then my life. Boom. It’s over. Logan Lynn, dead at 32. No more love, no more music, no more words. I tell myself this story constantly so I Read the rest of this entry »

Watch Logan Lynn’s “Turn Me Out” Video on Just Out Magazine’s Website Here!

“Turn Me Out” is featured over at Just Out Magazine’s website today. Check it out HERE or just keep reading below.

From Just Out Magazine, 7/25/2012:

“Musician and Q Center PR Manager Logan Lynn’s upcoming album won’t be out until December but the first music video is already here. The electropop gay sounds of the first single “Turn Me Out” dovetail nicely with a video that feels more cozy than it does flashy, even with all the glittery carnival ride lights that sprinkle throughout the Portland scenery. So check out the video, directed by Curtis Speer, below.”

Logan Lynn: “Turn Me Out” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO (2012) (HD) from Logan Lynn on Vimeo.


It’s sometimes hard for me to wrap my head around all the change that 2010 brought into my life. Nothing is as it was a year ago (Thank GAWD!) Time is amazing. I feel like the last 3 years in particular have changed me at my core, molding me into who I could and should have been years before had I just been brave enough to open my eyes. Forgiveness around this previous internal blindness is part of my journey as well but that’s a whole separate issue that isn’t ready for the world to hear about just yet. Rest assured: Daddy’s workin’ on it…

In July I made the decision to take a break from touring and proceeded to blow my musical career to bits and released what will be my final word (for now) with my record “I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday“. In retrospect I might have been able to handle things differently but at the time I felt like I needed to break everything in order to get away…so that’s what I did. All in all it was quite the spectacle. I have no regrets about making the decision I made but it’s funny to go back and read how upset I was at the time, knowing that less than half a year later it would all matter very little to me. The only regret I have is not taking steps to fix what was wrong sooner (which, as you can probably tell from the paragraph before this one, is a running theme these days).

When all is said and done I am thankful for this past year. In addition to the professional changes which occurred I was single and lived alone the entire year. For the 1st time since I was a 23 year old moron I took time to be by myself, with myself…to figure out what the hell I was doing and what I needed to do to get to where I ultimately want to be. I’m not sure where this next year will take me but I know it will be on my terms. I figured out what kind of people I’m looking to have in my life and what kind of people I am not. I let painful things go and I did not follow them where they went. They left and I waved at them instead. I sat still in the discomfort of change and let it take over, let it do its thing. Now on the other side I am finding new people, new experiences, new ways of looking at the world. I am closer to free than I have ever been though I am, as ever, a work in progress.

I hope you all have a happy new year! Be who you are and don’t worry about what the world thinks. The world is most likely wrong about you anyhow.


P.S. – Speaking of progress, below is a photo of my bald ass without a hat. That’s right. I’m coming out as a 31 year old bald man. Eat it up, popworld. Also: DUH. Why else would I have been wearing a hat in every photo and video ever taken of me since 2000???!!! I’ve been wearing a hat since I was 21 and have been bald this whole fucking time. Deal with it, gays. The shit’s real.



Logan Lynn performing at Doug Fir in Portland with The Gentry & Jen Folker (Dahlia) - 1/7/2010

I had such a nice time seeing all of you last night at the Doug Fir. It was a great turnout. Way to come show love on a Thursday night in the dead of winter, puddletown friends. I love you…SO MUCH.

Speaking of love, Portland Newsweekly “Just Out” posted a pretty amazing review of last night’s show on their website today. You can check it out HERE or you can read what they had to say below. There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned hometown sunshine to make me smile…

Logan Lynn Performing at Doug Fir in Portland with The Gentry and Jen Folker (1/7/2010) Photo by Bradley Roberge.

From “Just Out” Newsweekly (1/8/2010):

“Portland features a plethora of musical geniuses; you can fill up any given week with a slew of stellar live shows boasting considerable talent (and, frankly, many do). That said, it never ceases to amaze me how excited my friends and I get when one of our beloved artists takes the stage — the endless parade of staggering talent never gets old.

Last night, Portland’s indie darling Logan Lynn delighted a rapt, wowed audience at the Doug Fir. He opened (and stayed) strong; his infamous anthem, “Feed Me to the Wolves,” set the tone for the night: alluring, assured, and more than a little bit amazing.

Not familiar with Lynn’s music? What rock have you been living under? Imagine Ladytron and Ben Gibbard having a secret, sexy love affair. Their entirely original, hybrid offspring: Logan Lynn. Shifting nimbly between energetic dance anthems and industrial alt-rock (and often combining both), he defies any easy niche or classification. Instrumentation is complex and multi-layered; lyrics are honest and exposed. Lynn, who doesn’t shy away from the “emo” moniker, doesn’t whine — he pleads, impassionedly. He pushes boundaries sonically and lyrically — and excels every time he does.

As he worked through his set, energy and momentum built — and the crowd danced. Man, did they dance. For his grand finale, Lynn brought fellow acts Cars and Trains and The Gentry on stage for a brilliant, raucous version of “Bottom Your Way to the Top.” Stunning everyone, even Lynn, Dahlia’s Jen Folker jumped on stage and joined in. One of the video’s stars, Devan McGrath, danced nearby. That moment of musical perfection sums up the entire evening: prodigious music, talent galore. Logan Lynn has a knack for turning a “concert” into a disco dance party. Isn’t that how every show should be? Well, a queer can dream.”

–Daniel Borgen