From Pillar To Post Artwork by Logan Lynn (2009)

For those of you not in Australia, you can either go to “Q Magazine” online here and download the latest (August 09) issue (My story is on pages 31 and 32) or you can check out the full transcript of my interview with Q Magazine’s Marc Porter just below:

MP: What is the inspiration behind your upcoming new album From Pillar To Post?

LL: Well, this record is basically a documentation of my journey from despair into wellness…the songs are about love and sadness and the struggle to stay alive and find truth in the midst of total chaos, addiction, loneliness…my music mirrors my life, and my life went through a major overhaul about halfway through the 2-year process of making “From Pillar To Post”, so it starts off desperate and ends hopeful. Ultimately, it’s about me letting go of the darkness that I had been encompassed by for so many years and allowing the light in, little bits at a time. I’m no good if I’m not totally honest about where I am when I’m writing, so as the clouds cleared in my life they also cleared in the songs. It’s about letting go, allowing myself to feel things as they are, and being brave about facing the feelings instead of cowering in the corner with a pile of cocaine and doing my best to escape them.
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