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LISTEN: Logan Lynn Releases Free “LIVE From Seattle” Recording of Sunday’s Chop Suey Performance (AUDIO)

Logan Lynn LIVE in Seattle (2013) Photo by Adrian Sotomayor Photography

Logan Lynn: “LIVE from Seattle” was recorded at Chop Suey on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at the Seattle, Washington stop of the A.B. Queer Music Benefit Tour with Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Darling Gunsel and Rica Shay. Performing with Logan Lynn on this recording (and on tour) is Gino Mari (Backing Vocals, Live Sound Design).

If it sounds like we are dancing here, it’s because WE WERE.

Stream free and download from Bandcamp below or via SoundCloud HERE.

Set list:

1. Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks
2. Hologram
3. Do You Want Me Or Not?
4. Smoke Rings
5. Velocity
6. The Ghost Of Someone Else
7. Loud Enough
8. Radio Silent
9. Turn Me Out
10. Quickly As We Pass

Recorded, mixed and engineered by Kirsten Powell (Chop Suey, Seattle).

(Photo: Adrian Sotomayor)


A week ago today The Gentry and I performed at The Dandy Warhols Odditorium for a segment on “Studio 6” on CBS. Master engineer Jeremy Sherrer recorded the audio while we played so you could add some live LL+G audio to your iTunes.

To download Logan Lynn & The Gentry performing “Bottom Your Way To The Top” LIVE at The Dandy Warhols Odditorium (5/25/2010) for ZERO DOLLARS, CLICK HERE.

Hope to see you at one of our shows this Summer! In the meantime…Happy downloading!!!


OMN (Oregon Music News) came to The Odditorium the other night while we were setting up for yesterday’s shoot and interviewed me and The Gentry. They ran a story today, along with the interview and some MP3 LIVE audio from yesterday!!! Click HERE to check it out at their site or keep reading below…

From “Oregon Music News”: (5/26/2010)

“Logan Lynn & The Gentry: Emotronic goes post-punk”

It is 9pm and Logan Lynn and The Gentry are scrambling to sound-check in a cavernous warehouse space in Portland’s NW industrial district. “We’re in the Dandy’s kingdom,” Lynn says of The Odditorium, the sprawling studio of the Dandy Warhols.

The main room has giant murals leaning on almost every surface, a small fleet of motorcycles in the rear. There’s a kitchen outfitted better than most restaurants. The oddly placed nooks, crannies, windows and doors suggest a building cobbled together from several smaller ones.

The band is setting up for an early morning video shoot at The Odditorium with local CBS affiliate Koin 6. They’re shooting promo videos too, for a tour they’re kicking off this Thursday, May 27th, at the Doug Fir Lounge with DoublePlusGood and Fleshtone.

Logan Lynn is known for his emotronic, electro-pop, and OMN has profiled him before. In the past he’s mostly performed alone, sometimes bringing along a producer like Cars & Trains, while he stood out front crooning into a mic over layers of soft electronics. But for this Thursday’s show, and this summer’s upcoming tour, he’s brought along a full band: slamming dance-electro rockers The Gentry.

He calls himself a “bad hostess” as the band hurries to set up. He seems anxious, but affable. Will an act that’s gained popularity for soft, emotive electronics sit well with an accustomed fan base after adding a full, raucous band?

“I was scared about what people were gonna do,” Lynn says. But after their first performance at Blow Pony in February, “We had every single ear and eye on us. They were into it. I checked the video just to make sure. It’s real.”

The transition began in December “and we just went full force, we started practicing 30 hours a week.” OMN caught up with Logan Lynn, and Gino Mari (vocals, guitar), Steve Taylor (synthesizers, bass), and Andrew Carrion [A.C.] (drums) of The Gentry between rehearsals to talk about the change. Plus, there’s a new live track of their collaboration below.
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