Damian Lillard, Logan Lynn, Mic Capes and More at #PDXBeThere Veterans Benefit Music Festival September 7th

‪Come party with me and Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard on Saturday, September 7th at the #PDXBeThere Veterans Benefit Concert!

We’re both performing alongside Cool Nutz, Brookfield Deuce, Mic Capes, Mic Crenshaw and tons more of your faves. 🏆‬

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Liz Phair and Logan Lynn at Crystal Ballroom in Portland

Spent the afternoon with my all-time hero Liz Phair at Crystal Ballroom! So special.‬

I would not have a career if it weren’t for this talented woman’s songs inspiring mine. Period. Full stop. ‬

Thanks so much, Liz. I adore you.

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Logan Lynn Booked on “Late Night Action with Alex Falcone” September 10th at Mississippi Studios


Mark your calendars, PDX! I will be the musical guest on Portland’s late night talk show, “Late Night Action with Alex Falcone“, on the September 10th episode for Season 5.

Alex will also be interviewing me about my new record (which also comes out in September) and all sorts of other stuff live on stage, so come be part of this fun thing with us!