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Write It On My Left Arm Video Still (2009)

Hey kids-

It’s been a big, busy week. I have been thick into rehearsal mode, getting ready to unveil the new lineup and live show this fall at my Musicfest Northwest! That’s all happening on Friday, September 18th, so…come to my MFNW showcase in Portland and have your minds blown. (If you’re into that sorta thing.)

I am also working on THREE new studio projects (on top of “From Pillar To Post”, which is about to come out on Beat The World Records) so “busy” may be an understatement when talking about my current state of affairs!

This week I tracked vocals at Tom (aka “Cars and Trains“) Filepp’s studio for a project I’m in the midst of with Y-Tron (aka Bryan Cecil) and everything turned out pretty amazing! I’m excited about all the talented folks I am working with these days!!! I’ve also been plugging away at a record of cover songs with Producer Mac Valentine and new songs with Carlos (Cortes) for later, so…more for your ears soon (and moving forward)!


Have a great week everybody! I have some big announcements coming up and am having SUCH a hard time keeping my big mouth shut about them in the meantime! Patience is not really my specialty, as it turns out. ha ha ha

Love you all! Thanks for listening! New music and videos coming right up.








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